10 Asian Model Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here’s what went down on the ‘gram this week.


1Pornstar Tera Patrick got married.

A post shared by Tera Patrick (@yodasoda_) on

2Mis Morning Star made her boobies dance.

3Michelle Yee-Williams got braids.

4Tramstuuh got her car keyed…DAMN!

A post shared by Your Waifu (@tramstuuh) on

7Michee Da Don filmed Gimmemo doing the perfect splits and it was awesome.

A post shared by Michee Da Don (@micheedon) on

8Sunny Fae was on the air with Power 98.3.

A post shared by Sunny Fae (@itssosunny) on

9Marie Madore and her daughter posted the cutest video ever.

A post shared by Marie Madoré (@marie_madore) on

10Jenna Lane’s t-shirt stirred up some controversy between a husband and wife.

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