10 Best Model-Approved Date Spots For Valentine’s Day 2017


Looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.

V-Day is right around the corner, which means you should be thinking about those perfect plans — whether those perfect plans mean throwing back beers alone on your couch or a romantic evening filled with dinner, drinks, and maybe a little hanky panky. In either case, you could probably use a little inspiration.

▼ Take your girl to these date spots that have the seal of approval from your favorite Asian models. Or just live vicariously through them and spend Feb. 14 with your cat…


Heather Lovelee — Downtown in Savannah, GA

“My favorite date spot is downtown Savannah, Georgia. The beautiful street lights and night live music just makes it so perfect. To top it off, they even have fireworks on certain nights. Plus the beach is 15 minutes away which is such a romantic bonus.”

Ami Haruna — Providence / Escape Room in Los Angeles, CA

“Providence in LA – one of my fav restaurants in LA. Their tasting menu is always full of surprises!”

“Escape room – all over. It’s fun to do it maybe even on double date. You solve quiz together so get to bond with your partner!”

Sukie Yun — Racing in Palomar Mountain in San Diego, CA

“So, I’m not really from California, so I’m not exact on the location. It’s San Diego-ish in the Palomar mountains/canyons. But this is the best date spot for me only because I love the adrenaline rush of racing through all the twisty turns in the canyons. Probably not the ideal date for many people, but we can grub on tacos, Netflix and Chill afterwards.”

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Anthia Mo — Ice Skating in Boston Common in Boston, MA

“Ice skating at Boston Common is really cute.”

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Keo Necra — Keens Steakhouse in New York, NY

“Keens Steakhouse, New York City. They have an iconic 32oz prime rib steak that seems pretty impossible to finish, but when you have a cut of steak that good paired up with the best PIMM’S cocktail you’ve ever had, you can eat the whole thing and have dessert. Which would be an earl grey ice cream so refreshing, every indulgent bite is like a swim in the ocean after getting a happy ending massage from your favourite porn star. Yeah. It’s that good that I had to describe it by going off tangent.”

Melissa Grace — Blue Fish in Sydney, Australia

“Blue Fish in the city of Sydney is a thumbs up in my book! It’s got amazing food and it’s right on the harbour so you can see the firework show while having a cute romantic dinner.”

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Ray Hwang — Cafe Lurcat in Minneapolis, MN

“When it comes to the more intimate occasions such as Valentine’s Day, I prefer a more relaxed, quiet setting. Cafe Lurcat located in Minneapolis is one of both me and my boyfriend’s favorite spots. The dim lights and relaxing environment make a great atmosphere for such occasions. Definitely a place to check out if you’re ever in the Twin Cities!”

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Tiffany Tran — The Melting Pot in Minneapolis, MN / Ice Castles in Stillwater, MN

“I’m from Minnesota so if I was to pick a place for dinner I would have to say The Melting Pot because who does not like fondue? It’s a great dinner date spot! Another great place to go for a date would be the ice castles in Stillwater. It is scenic, beautiful, and a little cold meaning couples have an excuse to cuddle up together.”

Carey Lee — Mikano & Inflite Experiences in Auckland, New Zealand

“Mikano & ‘Inflite Experiences’ have packages which include a drink on arrival, scenic helicopter ride followed by a lovely 3 course dinner meal. Treat her to this beautiful experience & she’ll be sure to thank you later!”

Anna Xiao — Beach Resort Anywhere

“A beach resort with sangria and fruit plate. Doesn’t matter which city it is.”

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