10 Hottest Asian Models Wearing “Virgin-Killing” Sweater


Careful, this one’s a killer!

We’re absolutely loving this new fashion trend from Japan called the “virgin-killing sweater.” Yes, it’s a turtleneck. No, it’s not form fitting. But with the back entirely cut off, it promises plenty of side-boob action and even a peek at the top edge of the booty.

As its name implies, the virgin-killing sweater’s design is so scandalous that it will melt the brain of any sex-starved virgin male. Last time we checked, none of us at Foxy Asia Magazine are virgins (I think?), so the coast was clear for us to scour Instagram for the sexiest Asian models rocking “The Killer” sweater.

▼ See the 10 best pics below and decide for yourself whether the name is appropriate, starting with Jun Amaki.


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▼ Oh, and did you know the virgin-killing sweater can be worn backwards? Whoever created this thing was a gawd damn genius!

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Click HERE to cop the “virgin-killing” sweater for yourself. At $18.98, we’d say it’s worth every penny.

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