15 Hilarious English T-Shirts From Asia [Pics]

I think we can all appreciate the rich variety of languages from around the world. Problem is, sometimes these languages don’t translate quite right. To prove our point, Foxy Asia Magazine has compiled a list of 15 hilarious t-shirts from East Asia that fail so hard, they’re a win.

Which one is your favorite?

1.) Aww, that’s so sweet…wait, what?

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -1

2.) Good advice

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -2

3.) No, it doesn’t. But still a family favorite pastime.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -3

4.) It’s cool. It’s French for “anal.”


5.) You don’t want to mess with this lady.


6.) This little guy

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -6

7.) Shirts like these would make dating a whole lot easier.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -7

8.) Happens to the best of us.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -8

9.) I can feel the love in the room.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -9

10.) I love it when you talk dirty.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -10

11.) Stay in school kid.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -11

12). Get this guy a candy bar. NOW!

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -12

13.) Sounds good to me.

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -13

14.) If you’re happy and you know it, CRAP you hands!

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -14

15.) Sounds delish!

funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-engrish -15

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