25 Asian Models On The Worst Gift They Ever Got


You may think you’re an awesome gift giver. You may think you’ve got women all figured out—what they love, what they hate. But, do you?

With Christmas just a day away, guys all over the place are rummaging for that perfect gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive gift, but it certainly has to be the ‘right’ gift.

We asked 25 of Instagram’s hottest Asian models to share the worst gifts they’ve ever gotten from a guy. Some lacked original thought. Others lacked taste and judgment. Then there are the ones that made us all say, “What the f*ck?!”

Get out a pen and paper and start taking notes, because these are gifts that under no circumstances should be given to any woman. Here we go:


Sunny Fae, @itssosunny, Condoms

“Hmmmm worst gift? When I was still a virgin, my ex bf got me a box of condoms for my birthday…?”

“This was like a month into us dating too.”

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Nessa Marie, @mistress_ness, Fake Purse

“OK so one year a guy bought me a name brand purse and I wasn’t too fond of the color it was so I wanted to exchange it, so when I tried to exchange it, the clerk told me it wasn’t real. LOL, I was so embarrassed ?”

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Kelsy Kiana Bingo, @kelsykiana, A Fight

“Hmm that’s a tough one…I guess I would say an argument on Christmas was the worst gift I’ve ever received. LOL, no one wants to fight on Christmas!”

Jessie’Le Ng, @jessie_le_xo, Purple Dildo For Him

“Seeing how it’s Christmas Eve, I am constantly reminded of the worst gift I have ever received. Years ago, I was dating this guy…let’s call him, ‘he who shall not be named.’ Christmas morning arrives and as I open my gift, I see this tiny purple dildo looking thing. I had to do a double take. But yes, it was a purple vibrating dildo. The worst part is the dildo wasn’t even for me. He ended up asking me to use it on him later that night. Needless to say I threw him and his purple dildo out. And never saw either again!”


Celine T, @yungceline, Used Wallet

“Probably this really ugly red Coach wallet that my ex bought used somewhere since I told him I needed a new wallet. Then I had to pretend that I liked it when it was ugly AF.”

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Maddy Belle, @maddy.belle, Nothing

“Oh hmmm ? Honestly the worst Christmas gift was not getting one ? because he forgot it at his “job” and then he never gave it to me after that. Aha then we broke up. LMAO”

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Zoey Lee, @misszoeylee, Recycled White Elephant Gift

“Oh! LOL. Hm. I think the worst present I ever got from a guy was a white elephant gift that was recycled LMAO. And it was a picture…Of the person who gave it as a white elephant gag gift…The worst.”

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Amanda Mitta, @amandamitta, Thoughtless Gifts

“The worst Christmas gifts I got from my ex boyfriend…he went to Walgreen’s and bought me a plant, chocolate, t-shirt, and stuffed animals…like I don’t mind that he got that stuff from any store but it showed me that he made no effort to let me know that he really cares…so I’m telling you guys before you go to get your girl’s gift, just make sure to consider her feelings and put some thought into it…because I don’t think the value matters, it’s the thought that counts.”

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Brina Bing, @brinabing, Huge Cup

“There was one time this guy and I had crushes on each other. One night he told me he got me something for Christmas. I was all excited and turned out he got me a HUGE cup! It was the size of a basketball. LOL I always thought that was hilarious. ???”

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Meg Vill, @miss.vill, Nothing

“That’s easy LOL. It was nothing. When I dated my first bf, he literally was so thoughtless that he gave me nothing, like not even a card for Christmas. Honestly, I’m not big on gifts or anything and it’s always small gestures that matter, so the fact that he didn’t even think to do anything for me was pretty disappointing. LOL.”

Mia Gray, @officialmiagray, Pierced Tongue And Sex Toys

“My ex boyfriend pierced his tongue as my Christmas gift. PS: I was 17.”

“I also received sex toys as Christmas gifts. My ex’s suck. LOL.”

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Lizzie Dee, @lizzie__dee, Deadly Fruit Tart Pastry

“Well, I usually appreciate most of the gifts but I think an awkward one was when I got a fruit tart pastry from a guy and it had kiwis in the mix. And I’m allergic. But I was so excited to eat it I didn’t even notice so I got a reaction to it. When your presents are edible make sure the receiver isn’t allergic haha.”

“I took a Benadryl and knocked out early for the holiday celebrations LOL.”

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Samantha Prestidge, @samanthaprestidge, Nothing

“To answer your question, I’m going to tell you a story about how one year my ex-boyfirend got me absolutely nothing and on top of that didn’t let his family know I was coming over for Christmas and it wasn’t the first year we started dating…so as they were doing secret Santa, I sat there in the corner in silence.”

“Talk about awkward! In my opinion though, the holidays shouldn’t be about giving gifts but should be more about showing respect, loyalty, and your love. Surprise thoughtful gifts, even if they aren’t expensive, have to be the best! Don’t get me wrong tho, every lady would dream of opening up some Chanel or Louboutins but make sure it’s for the right reasons!”

R.D., @r.d.tio, Banana Hammock With Lap Dance

“The worst Christmas gift I have ever received was a Santa banana hammock that he insisted to give me a lap dance with. It lacked the sexy hip thrusts and those thick thighs that I love so much ? apparently Santa had a no exchange, no refund policy that year ?”

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Livia Gullo, @liviagullo, Fake Brand Name Goods

“To be honest with you, there’s no such thing as a ‘bad gift’…anything could be useful to me. There’s only one thing I can’t stand is fake brand. Like a fake Chanel or fake Rolex, etc… I really don’t mind getting an inexpensive gift but please, never give anything fake!!! Kisses ??? ”

“And no. I never received anything fake from a guy LOL. They know me better! ?”

Francesca Ann, @francescamtg, Naked Pics

“My Senior year of high school, a guy I was talking to sent me a photo album of his selfies. No really. Some of them were nudes too. He wrote in the note, ‘So you don’t forget me when you leave for college ?❤️”

“He meant it as a joke, but it was still really weird. I broke it off with him not long after that.”

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Michelle Kimberlee, @michellekimberlee, Forgot To Get A Gift

“Haha I really believe it’s the thought that counts, so I’m an easy one to please! But the worst gift I ever received was from my ex boyfriend, he said I’d be getting a late Christmas present so I waited for a couple of months and realized nothing was coming! He had totally forgotten ?”

Jenna Lane, @jennadrenalina, A Ring

“The worst gift I ever got was from a guy who left a random ring taped to the door handle of my car and there was a note on my car saying to call him because he gave me a ring so I should give him one back. LOL”

Faye Miah, @fayemiah, Recycled Gifts

“I love Christmas. In the spirit of love and giving during the holiday season, no gift is bad as long as it comes from the heart ❤️??”

“With that said I think the worst gift would be to recycle an old or previously given item and regift it to someone else. LOL”

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Jessica Sunok, @jessicasunok, Plastic Omelette Mold

“I would have to say the worst gift I’ve ever received from a guy would be a plastic omelette mold to make omelettes haha! It was pretty weird and I don’t know if he intended for me to make an omelette for myself or him! It was a pretty bad gift ?”

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Tera Waters, @terawaters, Ex-boyfriend Cut His Man Bun And Beard

“So a few years ago I was dating a guy I met from work. At the time, the long beard and man bun was trending, so he was starting to grow out both. I usually love beards but I really disliked this overall scruffy look that he had. I begged him to cut his hair and trim his beard a bit. We both agreed that we didn’t want to do xmas gifts that year but I ended up surprising him with a few pretty big gifts. In return, he cut his hair and trimmed his beard as my gift ?”

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Ashley Cee, @msxashley, Nothing

“Maybe not receiving anything? LOL after I spent $500 on his gift and got nothing back ?”


Lila Vy, @_mslilaavy, Freeze Dry Cake

“Hmmm…I think the worst Xmas gift I ever got was from an ex-boyfriend. We broke up a couple weeks prior to Christmas but he still wanted to get me something. He had told my friends that he wanted that to be the last present he ever got me (dramatic much LOL). Supposedly, he was going to buy me Maroon 5 concert tickets before we broke up. Instead, he downgraded and ordered me a cake from some bakery in Ohio. So I got this random ass freeze dry cake delivered to my work.”

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Michelle Yee-Williams, @ihrtmichelleyee, Guy’s Clothing

“One time I was sent a guy’s clothing. He said so I could wear it and think of him…”

“Who does that? Oh look, someone else’s clothing?!?!?!? I must wear it and think I’m them…LOL”

Ryan Michelle Oso, @osomazing, Dick Molding Kit

“One year someone I don’t even know sent me a dick molding kit…I just sat there and wondered two things: 1. Who are you and 2. How the heck am I supposed to mold your dick if I don’t know who you are LOL. It was odd.”

“It was sent to my P.O. Box with no name. It was wrapped nicely tho. Funny thing is, it came with like wrist cuffs and a purple whip thing that I kept. LOL”

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Since we’re in a gift giving mood, here’s some bonus advice from your favorite PHO bae Jenna Kaey:

“To answer that question, I’ve never really received a bad gift from a guy. But I do have some gifting superstitions…LOL. I mean it might be a bit weird but I don’t think couples should ever gift each other shoes since it’s like a curse. In doing so, by getting them shoes, it means you’re giving them permission to walk away from your life. Weird huh? But yeah that’s about it.”


Now that you know what they dislike, go back to the store, mister, and try again.

On behalf of these lovely ladies and from all of us at Foxy Asia Magazine, we wish you a Merry Christmas and the best of luck with the babes in the New Year.



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