25 Patriotic Asian Models That’ll Make You Stand Up And Salute

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Red, white, and BOOBS!

It’s the Fourth of July, so you know what that means: SEXY PATRIOTIC OUTFITS!

From red, white and blue bodysuits to sexy bikinis, our favorite Asian models love to show off their USA pride.

That said, we can’t think of a better way to mark the day than with the 25 hottest star-spangled Asian models. We guarantee they’ll burn hotter and brighter than your biggest fireworks. Happy Fourth of July everybody!

Lynn Chu, @lovelynnc


Tia Kai, @tiakaichat

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Jessie’Le Ng, @jesssie_le_xo



Steph Mi, @stephmi

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Michie Peachie, @michie_peachie


Stacey Chak, @staceychak

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Heather Lovelee, @heatherlovelee


Marisa Sanford, @marisasanford


Shirley May, @theshirleymay

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Jenn Q, @jennqofficial

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Sarah Harber, @smiley_sunday

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Kyli Maxham, @nurse_kyli


Mhaye Monti, @mhayemonti

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Cindie Louu, @cindie.louu

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Catherine Lynn, @misscatherinelynn


Regina, @regina.unite

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Maryanne Atienza, @mmm_mary

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Rosie Ly, @missrosiely


Sukie Yun, @sukieyun

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Genevieve Ava, @genevieveava

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Sukie, @sewkey

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Maly Phommaly, @maly.phommaly

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Angie Vu Ha, @angievuha

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Savannah Elle, @savannahellle


Ruby R, @therealrubyr

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