25 Reasons To Pay Attention To Your Girl’s Dress On NYE


These dresses never looked happier.

No secret here guys – short, tight dresses are a thing of beauty. But when New Year’s Eve rolls around, formal wear gets taken to a whole new level. Here are 25 Asian stunners who are pretty awesome at the whole formal dress thing.

Dresses: @cakedwear, @styedbyfp, @cossamia, @clmstylehire, @andi_bagus, @necessaryclothing, @fashionnova, @houseofcb, @noodzboutique, @ohpolly, @hotmiamistyles


Daphne Joy, @daphnejoy

A photo posted by Daphne Joy (@daphnejoy) on

Diana Kimmay, @dianakimmay

A photo posted by Diana Kimmay ? (@dianakimmay) on

Jennie, @babiijenz

A photo posted by Jennie?? (@babiijenz) on

Arika Sato, @arikasato

A video posted by Arika Sato (@arikasato) on

Sara Choi, @sara.choi

A photo posted by Sara Choi (@sara.choi) on

Mariah Longo, @mariahlongo

A photo posted by Mariah Longo (@mariahlongo) on

Tsiip, @tsiip

A photo posted by @tsiip on

Ashley Vee, @msashleyvee

Ela Pasion, @misselapasion

Lexy Tran, @leexytraan


Rosie Ly, @missrosiely

Vicki Li, @vickibaybeee

Janis True, @janistrue

A photo posted by Janis True (@janistrue) on

Vivian Chau, @vchau

A photo posted by Vivian Chau ? (@vchau) on

Lynn Chu, @lovelynnc

Red Dela Cruz, @red_delacruz

Jojo Babie, @jojo_babie

Carey Lee, @careygasm

Lux, @luxiboo

A photo posted by Lux (@luxiboo) on

Lexi Vixi, @lexivixi

#Vegas withdrawals ?

A photo posted by L E X I ♡ V I X I (@lexivixi) on

Kim Pham, @eatkim

A photo posted by Kim Pham (@eatkim) on

Janey B, @hello_janey

A photo posted by Janey B (@hello_janey) on

Tiffany Bourdreau, @tiffanybourdreau

A post shared by ?? (@tiffanybourdreau) on

Cina, @cinaluks

A photo posted by CINA ? (@cinaluks) on

Lex, @lexznai

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Be safe. Be grateful. Be classy. Be a fucking baller. Happy New Year’s!



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