45-Year-Old Model Risa Hirako Looks Like She’s In Her 20s


Model Risa Hirako’s age-defying looks have become a sensation in Japan, especially on Instagram.

Believe it or not, Hirako turned 45 this year. However, judging by her pictures we’d say she couldn’t be a day over 25.

It’s a popular belief that Asian women seem to all look 20 before transforming into adorable old ladies when they turn 60. But by the look of it, Hirako is on a mission to prove that conviction wrong. In the pictures, her skin looks unbelievably soft, supple and practically flawless.


According to Tsunagu Japan, Hirako never neglects her skin and “she supposedly uses different cosmetics for her skin according to the condition of that day!”

Hirako has obviously hit the genetic jackpot or maybe she has some magical secret, as some have been suggesting. Either way, we don’t need to justify why she’s hotter than a billy goat with a blow torch. We’ll just let her Instagram pics do the talking.


risa-hirako-2risa-hirako-3 risa-hirako-7


risa-hirako-10 risa-hirako-4

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