Another Korean Girl Group Caught Performing Without Panties? [Video]

At Foxy Asia Magazine, we try our best to cover everything from the latest fashion trends in Asia to the hottest Asian girls making waves on Instagram. If it’s going viral, we’re all over it.

Recently, a fancam video clip of rookie Korean girl group Laysha has been attracting buzz worthy attention on internet forums due to a near epic wardrobe malfunction.

In this video clip, 25 year old Kim GoEun, a member of Laysha, almost suffers a near disastrous wardrobe failure when she performs the splits.

Fans pointed out that she appears to be wearing no panties.

From our point of view, there’s an obvious lack of safety shorts, but we still can’t say with certainty if she’s going commando. One thing for sure is that we’re noticing a trend of supposed accidental wardrobe mishaps like the Bambino Hadam incident we reported just last week. I’m beginning to think this may be some kind of ploy to garner the media’s attention. But don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining.

Please view the videos at your own discretion and answer the poll below. Do you think she was wearing panties?





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