Asian Girl Tries To Eat Corn Off Power Drill Ends In Epic Fail [Video]

Let’s face it, we’ve all killed some time watching online videos of seemingly ordinary people performing crazy stunts in a lame attempt to receive their 15 minutes of fame. Most videos go unnoticed, while a few become instant hits.

How To Eat A Corn Cob In Ten Seconds!

Take for example, the video of that Asian guy eating corn attached to an extremely fast power drill. That video went viral instantly, receiving millions of views on multiple websites.

Check out the original video below…quite impressive!

Now, an Asian girl has attempted to perform the same stunt and holy shit does it go wrong!

Don’t worry…she comes back with a follow up video of her at the hospital!

The poor girl became an overnight hit for her epic failure, receiving over 5 million views in a matter of hours. We sure hope she feels better soon.

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