Asian Models With April Birthdays

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Like a fine wine, these Asian models just get better with age.

Speaking of adult beverages, let’s raise a glass to these Asian hotties born in the month of April, starting with Adeline Hokulani.



Adeline Hokulani, @adeline_hokulani, Apr 1


Lovey Yumiguchi, @queenloveydoll, Apr 2


Kimber De Amore, @kimber_de_amore, Apr 4


Joyce Kayy, @mang0__, Apr 8

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Aurelia Hathaway, @aureliahathaway, Apr 9


April Iman, @april_iman, Apr 10


Tee Zaang, @teezaang, Apr 12

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CJ Miles, @cjmiles8ig, Apr 13

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Drisana Sharma, @drisanasharma, Apr 15

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Linda, @xolindaa, Apr 17

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Teeana April, @missteeapril, Apr 18

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Samanda Keo, @ms.sammi.kay, Apr 19

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Brina Bing, @brinabing, Apr 22

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Jenna Chew, @jenna_chew, Apr 22


Livia Gullo, @liviagullo, Apr 23

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April Marie, @itsaprilmarie, Apr 23

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Yeonji, @yeonji63, Apr 28

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Keo Necra, @keonecra, Apr 29


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