Asian Models With December Birthdays

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Let’s all raise a glass to these gorgeous Asian ladies with birthdays in December!


Carey Lee, @lifeofcarey, December 1

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Kesia Anaya, @kesiaanaya, December 3

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Rachel G, @ms.rachelg, December 4

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Erica Nagashima, @ericanagashima, December 4


Lindalajuicy, @lindalajuicy, December 5


Rebecca Marrie, @rebeccamarriee, December 5


Candice Lia, @thecandicelia, December 9

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Kathy Nam, @kathykwoww, December 11

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Stacey Shalene, @staceyshalene, December 15


Mocoro Mamiya, @mocoro_mamiya_2, December 16


Bebe, @babyngo, December 22

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Christy Truong, @ohitschristy, December 23

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Kristyana Truong, @peachyanas, December 25


Llianna Yamazaki, @l.yamazaki, December 27


Danielle Lombard, @daniellellombard, December 28


Lauren Lala, @iheartlaurenlala, December 28

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Vivian Chau, @vchau, December 29



Bao Le, @banhbaovy, December 31

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