Asian Models With February Birthdays


It’s a short month, but there’s no shortage of Asian models celebrating birthdays!

What better way to honor these beautiful ladies on their special day than to take a trip down memory lane with their sexiest throwback pics. Ah, the memories.


Lila Vy, @_mslilaavy, Feb 2

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Tia Kai, @tiakaichat, Feb 2

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Tina Nam, @tinadollasign, Feb 4

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Chailee Son, @chaileeson, Feb 4

Konstantina Gianni, @konstantina.gianni, Feb 6

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Daphne Joy, @daphnejoy, Feb 8

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Sarah Harber, @smiley_sunday, Feb 11

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Anhie Win, @anhiewin, Feb 13


Star Little, @luckylittlestar, Feb 13

Elyza Vee, @elyzavee, Feb 14

Koi Sakura, @koi_sakura, Feb 15

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Karen, @cjd_karen, Feb 15

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Eve, @evebbk, Feb 17

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Kayy Love, @kayylove92, Feb 18

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Apúdssara Gronski, @apudssara, Feb 20

Jammie Leong, @jammieleong, Feb 23

Carla Canimo, @chinitadoll, Feb 23

Sunny Fae, @itssosunny, Feb 26

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