Asian Models With July Birthdays

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Here’s to our ladies of summer.

As if summer wasn’t enough of a gift, it turns out there are a ton of Asian models who’ll be blowing out birthday candles this month.

Check out our massive list of the hottest Asian ladies born in July, and be sure to wish ’em each a Happy Birthday!


Lina Teng, @ixkv.lina, July 1



Christine To, @christineto, July 2

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jennhoanggg, @jennhoanggg, July 2

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Fit Tiger, @fit_tiger, July 4

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Jenny Sakura, @jennysakuraa, July 5


Serena Su, @serenasuu, July 9


Katie Van, @lkatievanl, July 10



Michelle Dee, @thewickedlady, July 11


Meg Vill, @miss.vill, July 12


Vita Victoria, @vita.victoria, July 12

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Christine Ko, @tinek0, July 13

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Katy Ngo, @kaytme, July 14

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Genesis Mia Lopez, @genesismialopez, July 15

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Christine Thao, @christine_thao_, July 15


Erica Fung, @ericaafung, July 15

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Jessica Vien, @jessica.vien, July 17


Yhessa Gonzales, @yhessagonzales, July 20


Sangyay Chen, @itssangtime, July 20

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Aeneas Erlking, @aeneas_erlking, July 22


Amanda Mitta, @amandamitta, July 22

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Cali, @caliwinn, July 23

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Gina, @missginadarling, July 25


Stephanie Lazaro, @yourleo15, July 25

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Lex Nai, @lexznai, July 25

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Sheila Bauzon, @sheilabauzon, July 27


tamelapamelaa, @tamelapamelaa, July 31

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Vicki Li, @vickibaybeee, July 31

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