Asian Models With June Birthdays

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It’s officially summer!

These sexy Asian models have more to celebrate this summer than just their smoking hot bodies! Foxy Asia Magazine has photos of this month’s birthday bombshells — stripped down and in their element — in this special Birthday Feature.

Foxy-Asia-Divider3Anna Xiao, @annaxiaoig, June 1

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Steph Snyder, @stephmi, June 1

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Yoshi, @tinayoshile, June 1

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Jessie’Le Ng, @jesssie_le_xo, June 2



Kim Pham, @eatkim, June 3

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Ronamæ, @iiangelx3, June 5



Shay Bella, @shaythebella, June 6


Victoria, @vleigh_, June 7


Jessica Sun, @thejessicaxsun, June 8


Lady Nikoru, @ladynikoru, June 8

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Ashley Vu, @ash_vu, June 9

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Kimberly C, @kimmbaby, June 10

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Yuriya, @cjd_yuriya, June 14

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Dannie Riel, @dannieriel, June 16

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Masarat Chaisrisa, @masarat_biimmi, June 16


Whitney Chase, @itswhitneychase, June 17


Julia Kelly, @missjuliakelly, June 17

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Breena, @breenaylaya, June 17

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Thao N, @thaon2004, June 18



Monica M. Lam, @monicamlam, June 18

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Rebecca Chen, @rebeccachenxoxo, June 21


Jika, @imjika, June 24

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Lisa Kim Le, @misslisa_l, June 25

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Espiee Tran, @lily2silly, June 27

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Ridha Yoshinori, @realyoshieee, June 30

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