Asian Models With October Birthdays

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Let’s all raise a glass to these gorgeous Asian ladies with birthdays in October!


CC, @ceeecillle, October 1



Emily, @emibabylee, October 3

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Melanie Chhouy, @melchhouy, October 3

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Chellita, @_chellita, October 4

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Sallyna Bunny, @secretbunnyyy, October 5



Thien Thy, @azeeenbarbie69.gtr, October 5


Mia Kristiansen, @kristiiansen, October 6

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Lisa, @helloitlisa, October 6

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Red Dela Cruz, @red_delacruz, October 9


Cindy, @cindykg, October 12

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_tinameas_, @_tinameas_, October 13



Catherine Lynn, @misscatherinelynn, October 15


Darla Itoshii, @msdarlaitoshii, October 15

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ltnda, @ltnda, October 16

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Tanitar Tansacha, @nitaventure, October 16


Alyanna Aiko, @dancemissalyanna, October 20


Arianna Ly, @ariannaxly, October 20

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Ruby R, @therealrubyr, October 21

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Cindy Tieu, @cindytieuxo, October 21


Marisa Sanford, @marisasanford, October 22

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Thuy Loc, @thuyiebird, October 27

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Michelle Kimberlee, @michellekimberlee, October 27


Jasmine Nguyen, @jasminewinnn, October 29

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Victoria My Nguyen, @victoriamynguyen, October 31


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