Best Asian Model Halloween Costumes Of 2016


There’s no doubt that our favorite Asian models really brought their A-game when it came to Halloween costumes this year!

From bloody messes to, well, hot messes, we decided to rank some of the best (and worst) Halloween costumes we found on Instagram. Check them out below:


Best Couple – @kimmayx0 x @fjb_08

There were a lot of great couple’s costumes this year, but Kimmay and Francisco really went all out with their awesome Cleopatra and Marc Antony costumes. From their ensembles to their dramatic poses, it was totally A+ work!

My handsome Spartan ? #halloween2016??? #escapefromwonderland2016 ☠️

A photo posted by @kimmayyx0 on

Best Video – @natashayi

OK, so even though Natasha wasn’t technically in costume, she still managed to create this suspenseful thriller using only a telephone and a really, really big knife.

This horrible thing happened to me just now… ??☠️ #scary #knife #killer #halloween

A video posted by Natasha Yi (@natashayi) on

Best Superhero – @jennakey

There’s no need to wonder which woman Jenna’s dressed as this year.

Best Supervillain – @itsemmiivee by @lettucephotography

It’s no laughing matter when Emmi channels her dark side to play Batman nemesis the Joker. Still, if you can look that good in a tub full of blood, then things surely aren’t that bad.

Why so serious ? • 📸: @lettucephotography

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Best Kid Costume – @msashleyvee x @kalebwes

We have to admit, Ashley Vee’s homemade Edward Scissorhands outfit for her son, Kaleb, is one of the best costumes we have seen this year. Here he is in heavy Gothic makeup and dressed head to toe in black leather. Bravo!

I ain’t no Martha Stewart, but I think I made @kalebwes a mighty awesome #EdwardScissorhands costume from scratch ✂️?✂️

A photo posted by A S H L E Y V E E Z Y ? (@msashleyvee) on

Biggest Disappointment – @missgenii

While cat ears are cute, it felt a little lazy, and we just couldn’t help but expect more out of one of the hottest Asian models on Instagram.

Halloween ? is my favorite holiday ?

A post shared by G e n e s i s (@missgenii) on

Sexiest – @victoriamynguyen by @makeupbyjulian

Victoria mashed up a whole lotta sacred and a whole lotta naughty with her very revealing sexy nun costume. Here she is showing off her nundonkadonk (or perhaps Hail Marrière?)

Scariest – @thedianamila x @maddy by @thephotographer

We had to give Diana and Maddy credit for this look, which definitely spooked the you-know-what out of us!

Happy Halloween 👻🎃 💙 @thedianamila PC| @thephotographer

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Best Makeup – @lindalajuicy

Linda made our mouths drop with her Mortal Kombat Mileena makeup. Pun definitely intended.

NinJa ? @lidia4thewin #happyhalloween

A photo posted by ? #Lindalajuicy (@lindalajuicy) on

Most Creative – @jeanaturner

OK, even though this brings us to tears, Jeana’s dead Bambi costume was pure genius. Who thinks of that?!

Happy #Halloween. Bambi is dead. ? Inspired by @jamescharles ?

A photo posted by J e a n a T u r n e r (@jeanaturner) on

Best Pet Costume – @hello_janey

Halloween is for pets too, you guys. Even though Janey seems to be enjoying it more than her dog Jerry.

Best Group – @mama_lee

Leave it to Jeri to rally a group of friends for some good ol’ Halloween fun. It’s the only time of the year where Care Bears riding unicorns and a Teletubby in the background make perfect sense.

Best Overall – @apudssara by @jswainphoto

And the biggest award of the night goes to…Apúdssara Gronski! From the flawless makeup, the ensemble and the freaky eyes, the Asian stunner truly pulled off the Corpse Bride look perfectly. Good luck sleeping tonight!

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