Brenna Sparks Goes Nude In Ridiculously Hot Photo Shoot


Damn, girl.

If you’ve only just caught your breath following Savanah Elle’s sultry shoot, then get ready to lose it again as adult superstar Brenna Sparks bares all for photographer Cire Photography. From her long dark hair to her lithe figure, there isn’t a single thing we don’t love about this gorgeous Asian stunner.

The good news? Foxy Asia Magazine nabbed the exclusive first look at Brenna’s ultra-sultry nude shoot in this week’s Photographer Interview.

So feel free to close your office door, draw the blinds, and take in the gloriously NSFW gallery below.

Photographer: Eric @cirefotography


>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Hey Eric, welcome back to Foxy Asia Magazine! The last time we caught up with you, you had just moved to Orange County from the Bay Area. How are you liking it so far?

I love Orange County! I’m still getting situated, meeting people, and discovering great places to eat and shoot. In the two months that I’ve ‘lived’ in OC, I’ve been away traveling for a majority of the time… Asia, SF, Vegas, LA, and San Diego. Because of that, I still feel new to OC. If anyone has any recommendations for must try places to eat or explore please reach out to me =).


Tell us, what did you like the most about working with Brenna on this set?

I was actually the second shooter on this set, so the images that I snapped were while she was focused on shooting with the main photographer, @gtmphoto. Brenna takes direction well, and is super comfortable in her skin. I would say that she was one of the most uninhibited models that I’ve worked with in terms of nudity.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

A lot of your work highlights the female body – what’s your inspiration?

I am a warm-blooded heterosexual male, so it’s natural that I love the female body lol. I try more and more to mix sexuality with artistic lighting and poses. It’s something that I am still improving upon and will hopefully get better over time.

Instagram is a real stickler for censorship when it comes to nudity. What are your thoughts about flashing some skin on the gram?

I wish they weren’t such sticklers. I understand why they are that way, but to a degree I believe it limits creativity. I believe that I push the envelope on what is acceptable to be posted on IG.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

The photos on your feed can be provocative for IG’S standards. Have you had posts taken down before? If so, what do you think this says about today’s social media society?

It’s unfortunate to hear about models and photographers getting their accounts canned because of nudity. Surprisingly, I’ve only had one picture taken down before. I don’t think it was a picture showing skin or private parts, but it was a sexy provocative pose. Today’s social media society is a blessing and a curse – you get a lot of mostly positive support, but you also get the judgmental jealous “haters”. I don’t tolerate negativity on my page.

Your shots feature some of the hottest models on IG – what are some of the weirdest DMs you’ve received in response?

Quite a few guys DM me thinking that I am a girl. They try to holler at me. I’ve received a couple of dick pics, which sucks. I can only imagine what real models/women get in their DMs on a daily basis.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Before we let you go, any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

Thanks to all of the models that I’ve worked with, and the followers and regram pages that like/comment/support my hobby!


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