Cafe Lu’s Jenny Nguyen: How To Flirt With Your Coffee Server


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Earlier this year we had our friend Tangerine8 bring you the best Vietnamese Coffee Shops in L.A. But shame on us if we stopped there. So, we welcomed back Cafe Lu’s very own Jenny Nguyen to give you a peek at her life as a sexy latte pusher and some helpful tips on how to properly flirt with your coffee server.

If the caffeine doesn’t get your heart racing, these sexy pictures of the Asian beauty will surely do the trick. Shot by Rey Trajano, Jenny is breathtaking in any outfit she’s wearing. But seeing her strut around in a leather bikini and metallic knee high leather boots has to be our favorite combination hands down.

Photographer: Rey Trajano @thephotographer



Welcome back to Foxy Asia Magazine Jenny! What have you been up to since the last time we caught up with you?

Hi! I’ve been going to more music massives/festivals and I had a short phase where I was really into learning how to shuffle but now I’m not as motivated. I went to my first EDC in June and I was really intimidated because it was a long duration of time for 3 consecutive days of raging but I survived! I really enjoyed it and will definitely go again! I just wish they didn’t use so much fire for their visuals in 115 degree weather (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)


We were hoping you could start off with telling us about what it’s like to work at the “World Famous Cafe Lu.” How long have you been working there and what’s the best time to go if someone wanted to see you?

I’ve been on and off there for some years now and I’m usually just opening Mondays and Tuesdays and wear lingerie and a skirt in the morning because I just feel more productive in the morning and I like having the rest of the day to run errands, go to the gym and then fuck off and be a piece of shit for the rest of the day hahah Ψ(`▽´)Ψ ? the mornings are pretty calm and tame for the most part. We have some regulars that come in a lot and I feel like the mornings and pm shift are a whole different atmosphere.


Vietnamese coffee shops are known for their scantily clad servers. What outfit do you feel most sexy in?

Although most people would think the most revealing outfit like a bikini would be the sexiest, however I feel the sexiest would show off curves and at the same time keep some areas a mystery. I love lace, ruffles, faux leather, mesh, maid lingerie, lingerie where I can tie it in the back and show off my back.


We love a sexy set of lingerie as much as anyone, but they can be expensive AF. What’s your go to place to buy lingerie on the cheap?

Mine are mostly from Victoria’s Secret! Sometimes on sale, and I buy off of EBay a lot – brand new with the tags still attached for only a fraction of the original price!


What is the RIGHT way to flirt with a coffee server?

I feel like everyone is so different which is a good thing! Every coffee shop has its own personality along with each individual waitress. Keeping it dynamic helps accommodate all the different types of customers that come in ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

My best advice is to look inviting and maybe start off by complimenting her outfit and that she did a good job making your drink. Ask about her hobbies and maybe go from there.


What do you see most guys doing WRONG when flirting with their server?

Some are too forward and ask creepy sexual questions and it’s like whoa, we just met and I’m just your waitress. Unless your waitress spoke to you in that manner first, I wouldn’t recommend initiating a conversation like that.


Any crazy stories you can share?

(Not at Lu) Customers got into a pretty nasty physical fight 4 or so years back and there were broken glasses and chairs being thrown around and was a bit scary to witness.


If someone was visiting Cafe Lu for the first time, what’s one thing they absolutely have to order?

Ok I shouldn’t toot my own horn but not gonna lie, my smoothies are the sex. And I make them pretty :3 depends on your craving! Creamy I’d recommend: coconut, avocado, strawberry? banana? or fruity: lychee strawberry?, orange? strawberry etc.


It was great catching up with you Jenny! Before we let you go, any final words for your fans and followers?

Yesss! Catch me around SoCal music events and I plan to go to one eventually in NorCal since I’ve never been! If you want to keep up with my shenanigans, follow my Snapchat: JennyNguyen10 and Instagram: JennySakuraa.

( ˘ ³˘)?


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