Can You Guess Which One Is The Grandma? [12 Pics]

These three Japanese women look like sisters, but one of them is actually a grandmother and mother of the other two. Can you guess who?




And the grandma is…




wait for it…




And the grandma is…


Did you guess correctly?

The beautiful woman on the right is 44 year old granny Kazuko Inoue (42 in the above photo). She married at 19 and had her first daughter that same year which accounts for her young age. As rare as it is to be a grandma in one’s early 40’s, it’s even more rare for someone in Japan which boasts the lowest pregnancy rates in the world.

Kazuko Inoue is a “beautiful witch.”

The Japanese word bimajo or “beautiful witch” refers to an entrancing woman over 35 who looks younger than her age. Unsurprisingly, Kazuko won the Kansai Bimajo beauty pageant in 2013 and still continues to turn heads today.

Check out these photos of this amazing GILF. How old does she look to you?


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