China’s K50 EV Roadster Rivals Tesla

Move over Tesla, there’s a new roadster in town and it ain’t from around here.

Chinese electric vehicle startup, Qiantu Motor, recently unveiled its all-electric K50 roadster at the International Automotive Exhibition in Beiijing, China. The K50 will boast high-end finishes along with a carbon fiber body and aluminum frame that will separate it from the other players in the increasingly crowded luxury EV market. Debuting next year with a starting price of about 700,000 yuan ($106,000), the sports car is competitively priced against Tesla’s Model S which has both aluminum body panels and frame.


Lately, electric carmakers have been entering the Chinese market in droves to stay ahead of the government’s upcoming stricter vehicle emissions standards. Buying an electric vehicle comes with some hefty perks too. Some cities are offering incentives as high as 100,000 yuan if you purchase a locally made car. Not too shabby!

Although Tesla has sold 3,025 Model S and Model X cars in China in the first three quarters of 2015, the California-based electric carmaker is striving to become a far bigger player in the world’s largest vehicle market. But unless Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has a Chinese production game plan, the K50 stands to benefit from a home court advantage.

If this Chinese roadster is the future of EV sports cars, sign me up baby.

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