Christine Mendoza Reveals Her Biggest Insecurity She Learned To Love


Every inch of her bod is glorious.

Judging by her heart-stopping selfies and stunning photo shoots, you would think Asian bombshell Christine Mendoza-Nguyen was the Queen Bee of her school. Not so, as being that genetically blessed presents its own unique set of challenges.

Christine revealed on Instagram that her toned, muscular legs subjected her to nasty taunts from schoolyard kids. In other words, hot people get bullied too!

“Mixed with genetics and having to walk miles everyday…I was ridiculed for having big, muscular legs,” Christine confessed. “Kids would hang out their car windows, yell names at me while zooming past.”

The ridicule became so unbearable, Christine ended up walking to school an hour early and walking home an hour late just to avoid harassment.

Thankfully, the torment is long behind her and her legs have become her favorite asset.

“People work their butts off in the gym to get a little calf muscle goin’ on. Mine are solid and built from humble beginnings. They’re strong…maxing at 400lbs on the leg press. Legs that can crush bones while looking delicious in the process,” the Asian model said.

In case you’re not convinced, here’s a gallery of Christine showing off her smokin’ hot stems in a sexy schoolgirl outfit.

christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-1 christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-2 christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-3 christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-4 christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-5 christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-6 christine-mendoza-schoolgirl-plaid-skirt-7

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