Cindy Nguyen Drenches Herself In Champagne And It Was Awesome


Get ready to pop your cork.

Cindy Nguyen is seriously enjoying herself, and because of that, so are we. The sizzling Asian model pops the cork on some bubbly and seductively drenches herself in champagne.

We just hope it didn’t damage her top, which got so wet, you could almost see right through it! What a shame. And you know what makes matters even worse? Rather than help her out or get her a towel, photographer Johnny Studios Photography just stood there, taking pictures. Jeez!

Photographer: Johnny Studios Photography – @johnnystudiosphotography



Hi Johnny, welcome back to Foxy Asia Magazine!

Oh yeah, it feels good to be back! Thank you for this opportunity again!


Do you generally like to work with certain looks or styles of models?

Hmmmm generally I prefer working with nude models. Because being in the nude allows me to capture the raw beauty and that is actually the essence of my photography.


Where did you draw inspiration for this set and what vibe were you going for?

I received a bottle of champagne as a gift. Since I don’t really drink, I thought it would make an awesome prop for my photoshoot. Hmm probably I wanted to go for the sexy, kinky, naughty vibe and I think it turned out pretty well. That was the main theme but we ended up making use of all the other things at the location.


Where did the shoot take place? What made this location the perfect place to set up shop?

At Cindy’s apartment. It was perfect for her cos she just woke up and all she had to do was to wash up while I had to carry all my equipment to her place hahahhaha.


What did you like the most about working with Cindy?

Firstly, she’s a beautiful model (pause) and she poses well, so it makes my job easier when I edit the photos.


How do you decide whether a shot will be a good photo? What do you look for?

I will see the lighting of the location first. Generally I prefer using natural light, if there isn’t enough light, I will pop in a flash. Then I will analyze the composition of the photo and that is equally important as well.


What inspires you to keep shooting?

Hearing positive things about my work keeps me going, and I feel a sense of joy when I see the models embracing their bodies for what it is and breaking out of their own comfort zone.


What would you like to be remembered for?

I wish to be recognized internationally someday.


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