CJ Miles Goes Nude, Then Makes Photographer Undress!

April Fools’ Day is still upon us so this must be a prank — right?

This horrible day of half-baked tricks and low-key treachery is nearly done, but not before photographer Justin Fox and Asian model CJ Miles pulled what could be the best f**kin April Fools I’ve seen today: a ballsy work of stunt photography in which CJ purportedly forced Justin to shoot in the nude.

From the look of the photo Justin posted on his Instagram, I’d say yes, maybe he did do an entire photo shoot buck naked. Justin captioned the post:

The one and only CJ Miles. Hands down one of the wildest girls I’ve ever shot to date. Made me take my clothes off too during our shoot (it’s only fair?!). Follow her (though she sure as hell doesn’t need more followers, check her stats!): @cjmiles8ig #creeperforlife

If this is a joke, you win, guys. You got me! Now, for Christ’s sake, get dressed Justin.

Here’s the pic:

A post shared by Justin Fox (@justinfoxau) on

Of course, this isn’t the first time these two have set Instagram on fire. Here’s a refresher of their hottest pics from Justin’s incredible Tumblr:



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