Clara Lee Sprite Commercial Proves Commercials Are Way Sexier In Korea

Does the U.S. even do sexy commercials anymore? I’ll admit, in this age of Netflix and OnDemand, I’m exposed to less and less commercials these days. But the last memorable sexy commercial was Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial back in 2012!

Anyway, point is, I’m taking the stance that TV is better everywhere else but here, and this Korean Sprite commercial featuring actress Clara Lee taking a sultry shower on the beach in a scantly-clad bikini proves my point. The commercial aired a few years back, but there’s a whole lot more where this came from.

But enough of my musing. Enjoy these hot pics of Clara Lee and her commercial at the end of this post.

clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial3 clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial6 clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial4

clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial12 clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial11 clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial10 clara-lee-korea-sprite-commercial9



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