CyberJapan Dancers Flaunt Underboobs To Promote Their 1st Photo Book


These ladies seem to have a very good idea of what the people want.

The CyberJapan Dancers posted a bunch of underboob photos on Instagram to promote their 1st photo book.

We’re no marketing experts, but that right there is a solid plan. Why spend thousands of dollars on a college education and waste years of your life getting a legit marketing degree, when simple solutions like this one are so obvious?

The photo book goes on sale today. You can grab your very own copy on Amazon Japan for a cool ¥1,922 (about $17). Sounds like an awesome deal if you ask us.

▼ Check out the A+ advertising images here, which you can surely enjoy even if you don’t plan on buying the book.


Kanae Watanabe, @watanabekanae

Kazue Watanabe, @watanabekazue

RiRi, @cjd_riri

A photo posted by RiRi??? (@cjd_riri) on

Ai Mushiga, @cjd_ai

A photo posted by Ai Mushiga (@cjd_ai) on

Kana, @cjkana

Karen, @cjd_karen

A photo posted by KAREN? (@cjd_karen) on

Mika Pinkviolet, @cjd_mika

Juri, @jurixoxoxo

A photo posted by JURI? (@jurixoxoxo) on

Yurisa, @yurisa

A photo posted by yurisa (@yurisa) on

Hitomi, @cjd_hitomi

A photo posted by Hitomi (@cjd_hitomi) on

Sakura, @cjd_sakura

A photo posted by SAKURA (@cjd_sakura) on

Mayuki, @cjd_mayuki

A photo posted by MAYUKI (@cjd_mayuki) on

Aya, @cjd_aya

A photo posted by Aya (@cjd_aya) on

Lory, @looory


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