Erin Fitzgerald’s Naked Body Is The Perfect Canvas For Sexy Tattoos


She puts the “oo” in “tattoo.”

A bit of flesh goes a long way. But a lot of flesh is, well, a lot better. Luckily, Asian model Erin Fitzgerald isn’t shy about showing off her sweet bod and her badass tattoos.

Okay, wait. I lied about the tattoos. They’re fake. But don’t get it twisted — these temporary tats are the real deal, not like the peel-off tattoos you got as a prize at Chuck E. Cheese’s when you were a kid.

And if nothing else, Erin’s tattoos make for a fun game of “I Spy.” I spy something with black stripes and big paws! I spy something with scales and sharp teeth! See, it’s addicting once you get started, so let’s stop here and let photographer YBVISUALS tell us more about his masterpiece in this week’s Foxy Feature.

Photographer: YBVISUALS – @ybvisuals



Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into photography?

My real name is Carlos, sometimes I go by YB whatever works for whoever; Erin actually calls me YB lol. I got into photography kind of out of necessity rather than a yearning to, I’ve always been creative so I pick up and put down different shit here and there. But yeah, I got into photography because at the time I had a clothing brand and I didn’t want to depend on other people to be “on brand” or try to execute my vision; I’m a hands on kind of being so I picked up a camera and now it’s one of many trades I know.

>>See the uncensored image on our Twitter<<

Where did you draw inspiration for this set and what vibe were you going for?

Well it was Erin who shot me a text and was like “hey I want you to shoot me with some bad ass tattoos” or some shit like that. And I’m hecka over ambitious, but I was like let’s put tattoos all over like a Yakuza, and I pulled some references.

As far as vibes, I wanted to hide a looming sense of danger behind delicacy, kind of like a poisonous flower where it looks bright and beautiful but the neurotoxins seize your muscle functions just under 45 seconds.

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Where did the shoot take place? What made this location the perfect place to set up shop?

I shot it in my home studio, I mean c’mon.. I don’t even have to leave my house.

>>See the uncensored image on our Twitter<<
>>See the uncensored image on our Twitter<<

What was it about Erin that made her the perfect model for this set?

I mean Erin was a catalyst to the concept, and what I love about her is that she’s always really involved with our shoots. In a sea of people that always want to “collaborate” she actually does. We have a creative dynamic where we bounce shit off of each other to develop cool shit and she’s an angel to work with.

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What kind of camera and lighting set up did you use to achieve the look of this set?

I shot with my Canon 5D mark 3 and I believe I had a 17-40mm lens latched on. As far as lighting I used a 42″ octobox and a reflector to bounce some light back as fill.

>>See the uncensored image on our Twitter<<
>>See the uncensored image on our Twitter<<

What items are always in your camera bag?

In camera bag? Shit um right now as far as equipment, my 5D, 70-200mm, fixed 50, and a 17-40mm. Accessory wise, I have a trigger and 4 receivers, a hot shoe sync cord, my battery charger, 1 speed light, 1 bracket for said speed light, eye drops, and a micro fiber cloth. But that changes depending on assignment.

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We all know good cameras aren’t cheap. What do you think is the best “starter” camera for an aspiring photographer to get?

Honestly man, I started with a Canon t3i, but I outgrew that quickly. It depends on your commitment and where you want to take your photography, if you want to make it a career get something a little more..more, like a 6D or 7D and grow into it. If you’re a hobbyist a Canon rebel series will be more than sufficient until you decide to make the jump to full frame.

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Before we let you go, any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

Um.. I want to thank my fans and followers for all the love and support, I really appreciate them, I appreciate you for doing this interview. I would like to shout out Erin for being Erin, and Selena for being late to our shoot but murdering the makeup.


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