Foxy Features: Caliwinn Is One Sexy Cyclist


If Caliwinn wants to ride a bike in her undies, we don’t see a problem with it. We’re glad she decided to remove her pants, though. With it off, we get to see more of her incredible curves, and besides – her pants would totally get caught up in the bike chain.

Go on a skin-baring bike ride with Caliwinn and photographer Brandon Delaney, who gives us the inside scoop in this week’s Foxy Feature.

Photography by Brandon Delaney – @lettucephotography



Foxy: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into photography?

Lettuce: My name is Delaney. I also go by Lettuce which is my photography name. I honestly got into photography through skateboarding and street art. I like how both are creative outlets that allow you to show people what you see through your eyes. So I bought a camera and started capturing some of the dope art work that I was able to be a part of everyday. From there, photography grew from a hobby into something that I realized I wanted to do as my career.


Foxy: How did you come up with the concept for this shoot and what vibe were you going for?

Lettuce: I actually didn’t have a concept because the photo shoot was last minute so everything was improvised. I was on vacation and thought I should get a couple of shoots in to make the most out of my trip. So I got connected with Cali and we decided to collab and we kind of just worked with what we had.

caliwinn-lettucephotography-7 Foxy: Where did the shoot take place?

Lettuce: The shoot took place in Uptown Minneapolis, MN.


Foxy: Do you generally gravitate to certain looks or styles of models?

Lettuce: Honestly, I don’t want to limit myself to any one person or type of people so I work with different body types and looks and keep my options open. I have shot fashion, nude, skateboarding, pets, and weddings to name a few. I just like being where the moments are.


Foxy: What did you like the most about working with Cali?

Lettuce: Even though it was Cali’s first time meeting me she was already treating me like a longtime friend. Cali’s vibes are mad smooth and really authentic so it made my job so easy and fun.


Foxy: Do you have any memories from this shoot that stick out to you in particular?

Lettuce: Cali had no problem creating a lot of funny memories, but one that stuck out the most was me watching cartoons while waiting for Cali to arrive. She caught me watching the Legend of Korra which she thought was hilarious, but she kept thinking it was funny because I would continue to watch the cartoon as we were changing between the different looks. She got a real kick out of that.


Wait, there’s plenty more where this came from. Hop on over to Instagram – Lettuce Photography and Caliwinn have pages that’ll make you say DAAAAYUM.

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