Foxy Features: Tera Waters’ Racy Birthday Shoot Is A Gift For Every Guy


Today is Tera Waters‘ birthday, so you’d assume she’d only be receiving gifts today. But no, she still found a way to gift us with goodies. Tera and photographer @steezc collaborated for a little pre-birthday photo shoot, and her outfit choice for this project was…um…cake. Just cake, man! Looking at these photos, we can’t decide whether it would be more fun putting cake frosting on Tera, or cleaning it off.

In this special Foxy Feature, we caught up with the birthday girl to tell us about her plans for the big day and spill the beans on her wildest b-day party ever. Spoiler: it involved a hot tub with lots of hot girls. Read on to find out!

Photography by @steezc – @steezc



Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into modeling?

Hi, I’m Tera. I’ve always thought modeling would be a really cool career, but never believed I could do it.

So…a few years ago I was dining at a hotel and a casting agent approached me and told me I should come to NYC to audition for a huge campaign his company was casting for. I was a little shocked, but intrigued. He expressed a lot of faith in me and I was really excited about it. The more we met and discussed plans, the more nervous and pressured I felt. I was so afraid of letting him and I guess, myself, down that I didn’t even audition at all. I know, stupid, right?

I beat myself up over it for a while, and then one day, I was like, “What are you doing?!” I guess I realized I couldn’t live life without taking risks and dreaming big. And so here I am 🙂


So, what are your plans for your big day?

Ah, you know, a few parties planned this weekend. Half of me is excited for an unforgettable night, the other half is in fear for my life. Haha jk. Definitely going to have some wild nights with my girls in SF, then I take off for LA right after. Don’t let these little sweet faces fool you, some of these girls I roll with put the fear in some of the biggest guys I know. Haha.

If you can invite any one person in the world (alive or dead) to be at your birthday party, who would it be and why?

Hmm, if I could choose anyone… it would have to be my mom in her early twenties. I would love to see what it would be like to party with her. My mom is funny, bubbly, feisty, inappropriate sometimes, but so loving. My friends love her. She’s kind of a crazy cool chick. She always gives us shit for taking shots with a chaser. I love you mom. Hah.


What’s the best birthday present you ever received?

Oooh, I can’t reveal that. Hahaha. Um, let’s just say it’s too good to tell 😉

What’s the craziest birthday party you ever had?

A few years ago my girls and I went to Vegas for my birthday. We stayed at the Cosmo; it was so much fun. On the second day there, we partied straight from 11am until 8am the next day. We started off at EBC, then XS nightswim, then Drais. Only my younger sister and I were the last ones standing at Drais. I told my sister I really needed to go because I was too drunk, but she kept saying, “One more shot.” I was getting so pissed off. So I told her, “Last shot and we go!” I left to go to the bathroom and I don’t know why, but I just left. I never went back to look for her. I got into a cab, closed my eyes, and went to sleep. Funny thing is, when I opened my eyes, I woke up in a Jacuzzi of one of the sky villas in the Palm’s. I was in a bikini and surrounded by a bunch of really hot girls that I didn’t even know. They were really nice girls and I hung out and had brunch with them. What a great trip, I still talk to those girls to this day.


If you can have one birthday wish, what would it be?

Hm, I wish everyone in my family could go on one big vacation like we used to when I was a kid. That would be really nice! We all have so much going on that it’s hard for us to get together, let alone go on a family vacation. Everyone’s so busy, and being busy is better than not, but it would be great if we could make that happen.


Does your zodiac sign (Leo) accurately describe your personality?

OMG, absolutely. It is rumored that we are the king of the jungle, and, uh, I think so! Haha, no, we are all about loyalty to the right people. There are no people more important to me than my friends and family. We’re known for being super passionate, fiery, and very upfront people. Oh, and we can be friends with anyone! We’re social butterflies!

Any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

Yes! Thank you so much for all of the support that I’ve been getting. I seriously can’t thank you guys enough! It means so much to have you stand by my side and taking this journey with me. YES! Shout out to my family members who have to see the racy photos and still “like” them, haha.


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