Foxy Interview: Kimber De Amore Talks Modeling, Tattoos, And SEX

kimber-de-amore-laitography-12When you look as good in lingerie as Kimber De Amore does, there’s no reason to wear anything else – ever. The exotic model has the perfect boobs for lacy bras and the perfect butt for thong panties. Kimber’s whole body is built for fulfilling fantasies, and the more skin she bares, the better.

Foxy Asia Magazine spent some time with Kimber to find out how she entered the modeling scene, how to score points with her in the bedroom, and the naughtiest thing she’s ever done. Read on to find out:

Photographer: Lai Man Cheung – @laitography


Kimber, first of all thank you for spending some time with Foxy Asia Magazine. So, what is your ethnicity and where do you live?

I’m Filipino, Italian & English. I was born in the Philippines but live in Granite Bay, CA currently.

What’s your job? How do you pay the bills?

Well currently I’m just modeling/DJ’ing & working on my protein and cooking spices line. So don’t forget to follow me on my cooking page too! IG: @chef_kimber.


Do you have any weird talents?

I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. I guess that’s a weird talent. Lol

When did you have your first kiss and how did it happen?

Hmmmm first kiss… I don’t recall my 1st kiss because my dad was super religious and I was basically locked up in my room till I was 19 years old. Lol just kidding about being locked up. He was super strict so I didn’t have a bf growing up till a later age plus boys didn’t like me that way. But I can tell you this. My 1st bf was at the age of 19. YES, I was a late bloomer. 😉


What did you want to do with your life at age 5? 

Ummmm age 5. I think I wanted to eat ice cream and play with my toys. I don’t know, but at the age of 7 I wanted to be an astronaut.

You have some cool looking tattoos. Which one is the most special to you? When did you get it?

Well all of them are special. The big koi fish was a memorial to my lola aka gramma Mary. She was my right hand gal, you can say. I looked up to her and she was a very special woman and influencer in my life. She watched me while my parents worked overseas when I was a little girl. My forearm tattoo is in old Latin Sanskrit and it’s my own personal quote. It states “ Deeper than skin beauty is always within.” As a pre-teen I used to be bullied and made fun of in school because I was a quiet, nerdy, pimple faced kid and didn’t have a lot of friends. I was very awkward growing up and wasn’t fitting in as a teen. Most days I cried to my mum and dad to complain that I wasn’t cool enough, questioning who I was and why I was different. And my dad dressed me the way he wanted me to dress, so I didn’t get to wear cool clothes or wear makeup. So I grew up thinking that I wasn’t pretty and my self-esteem was pretty low. I actually ran into my bully and I didn’t recognize him until he said who he was. I basically yelled at him and told him how he made my life feel like shit. So since then I kept telling myself I would never think of anyone or myself in that way, because everyone has something that is unique, amazing & beautiful deep inside them. Even though beauty these days is merely an illusion and what people think it is. Then I have a tattoo on my hip in Italian that states “Love me for who I am.” This was for my ex’s who never fully understood me and let me be me for all the flaws. A lot of them controlled my life and wouldn’t allow me to model or do things on my own. So don’t ever let anyone tell you different and control you either. Lastly I have a chrysanthemum flower for my mum. She is still alive but I wanted to remember her always and celebrate her on my body because of all the love and support she has given me.


How long have you been modeling and how did you get started?

I started after high school when my friend Nicole bought her 1st camera. She wanted to be a photographer and asked me to be her model. I didn’t feel like I was the model type but I said why not. After I shot with her a bunch of people kept saying you should look into it, you would be a great model or actress. So I signed up on and I went from there.

What do you like the most about being a model? What do you like the least?

I love the experience and dressing up and getting into character.  It really helped my self-esteem and anxiety being in front of the camera. One thing I don’t like about modeling – sometimes you have to wake up super early or you meet another model/photographer who is super DIVA-ish and you’re like ok what’s up your ass. Lol


What was your first big break in the industry?

Three things accrued in the same month. I landed Inked magazine, Tattoo Italy & David Perry Hot Rod Pinup II. I was pretty stoked when I landed all three. Then I knew I wanted to continue to model.

What has been your most risqué shoot so far? What was the concept?

The latest shoot with Michael Mel, I was completely nude pretending to be a manikin.


You have a larger bust than most models, do you feel that has helped or hurt you?

To be honest, it doesn’t matter. They can love me or hate me. I haven’t had any complaints and I can hide them pretty well if needed.

Who’s the one photographer you’d want to work with?

I actually want to work with a lot of photographers but these are the ones I would like to work with this year or next year…. Tony Kelly, Keslertran, Gypsyone, Kenny Sweeney, Badboi, Mike “Ohrangu” Tang,  Robertt Voltaire & Solmaz Saberi to name a few.


You’ve done many different types of modeling (runway, high fashion, music videos, etc.), what’s your favorite and why?

I love high fashion and editorials because it tells a story compared to lifestyle or product photography.

Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?

I’m taken and I met him on Instagram. Yup I asked him out after he DM’d me on my birthday lol. I guess you can say he was my birthday present because we have been together for a solid two years and still going on strong.


How do you let a guy know you’re interested in him?

I’m the type of woman if I like someone I’m going to tell them.

What quality in a guy is an absolute panty-dropper?

Lol panty dropper huh…. Hmmmm well I guess he has to have nice teeth and I hope he smells good. I do like a sense of humor and intelligence because if he doesn’t have that I’m sure I would be bored real quick.


What’s your most awkward first date story?

Omg… My mum set me up with a guy at her old job. She was like “he’s a young, hip, great looking guy from Boston.” I will never forget him. He talked about himself and wouldn’t shut up. I couldn’t even put my two cents in. I had to interrupt him and say, “ I want to go home, this isn’t working for me! And I think you are soooooo into yourself and yah I can’t stand you!” inside the restaurant. Never let your mum set you up on a blind date…. Lol

A recent survey showed that missionary is women’s preferred sex position, followed by doggie style, and then cowgirl. How would you rank these in the order of your preference?

Not sure how to answer this question.. but if I had my preference it would be in this order: 1 reverse cowgirl, 2 doggie style then 3 missionary lol.


Do you like to take charge in the bedroom or do you like to have the guy take the lead?

I think it’s fun when both partners take the lead. Don’t want to be boring… a little biting and smacking doesn’t hurt either.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

I broke into my boyfriend’s house in a Mrs. Clause outfit and had all his presents lined up on his bed. When he walked in I said “have you been naughty or nice?” – while holding a whip.  😉


Rank the following body parts from most arousing to least: stomach, butt, nipples, and neck.

Neck, butt, stomach, nipples.

60% of millennials have admitted to sexting. 49% have sent nude pics. What is your opinion on the subject? Have you tried it?

I have no problems with millennials sexting and sending nudes. But I do have a problem when they have relationships that are being broken because of social media & texting/msg’ing apps etc. Our society has lost its touch of being respectful. I get DM’s all day long and when you click on their profile you can tell they have a significant other while trying to holler and send inappropriate messages. I won’t lie I’ve done this but only to someone I am seeing exclusively.


What advice can you give guys to help them in the bedroom?

Keep it exciting guys. 1st don’t get off before she does. Secondly don’t forget foreplay and lastly be someone who is romantic but with a bad boy attitude in the bedroom. I’m telling you! Women will thank you later and keep it exciting for you too.


Well Kimber, thank you so much. We do appreciate your time. Can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

You can find me here:


Learn more about your favorite Asian models in our Model Interviews. We have lots more to come in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

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