Get Ready To Fall In Love With Miss Mackin


Pinch us, we’re dreaming.

Miss Mackin is your dream girl. I don’t mean that in the “trophy wife,” unattainably gorgeous kind of way… although she totally is that hot. I mean she’s your dream girl because, hotness aside, she seems like a pretty cool ass chick.

She’s a beer promo model, she loves basketball (Go Warriors!), and she loves to eat. She’s basically a bro but in the body of a swimsuit model.

Just take a peek at her most recent photo shoot with Prcivl and tell me that you didn’t just immediately fall in love with Miss Mackin.

Photography by Prcivl – @prcivl



Welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Hey, everything’s going pretty good. Thank you for asking.

We were hoping you could start off with telling us a little bit about yourself. What is your ethnicity and where do you live?

I’m Chinese and I live in SoCal.


What do you do to pay the bills? What is your job?

Currently, I am a beer promo model if you guys ever see me around haha.

When did you have your first kiss and how did it happen?

I think 15? Haha. It happened when my boyfriend at the time walked me home and that first kiss just happened.


Describe yourself in 3 words or statements.

Hmm, 3 words I would say I’m friendly, giggly, and a badass.

Now, can you tell us how you got into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I kind of just did it here and there for fun and from there I got to gain some experience from it.


Are there any secret beauty products you’d like to share with all the ladies out there?

Well for the ladies, I do use coconut oil and believe it is one of the best things everyone should use!


What about your style do you believe makes you most distinctive?

Hmm I think Imma have to let ya’ll decide on that.

What is the wildest behind-the-scenes story you can share with us from on-set?

I don’t know what the ‘wildest’ thing would be but maybe next time I could do a BTS clip for ya guys.


What do you like the most about being a model? What do you like the least?

What I like most is how I can create images and be creative with photographers, while having fun at it. But what I like least is how this industry can be a little shady because you can’t really trust everyone in the industry.


We are a men’s magazine after all, so we’re going to dive into some dating questions. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

Haha okay, it’s gonna sound kinda cheesy but the perfect guy would have to be a funny and gentleman type of guy that would include being a foodie, ambitious, and have my kind of music taste; so yeah, we’d have to be pretty similar in some ways.


Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?

I do have a boyfriend! He actually came up to me and wha-la…haha.


Tell us about your worst date ever.

The worst date ever was when my date took me out for fast food and then played pool, but seemed bored because he was a pro at playing and then on top of that complained about paying. Never again.


Are you a good kisser?

I’ve been told that so I would hope it’s a yes. Haha.

What’s the easiest way for a man to turn you on?

Honestly I gotta say since I’m a foodie, he’s gotta make some homemade food or something to get my butterflies up.


Well, thank you so much. Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

Hey well if you guys ever find me promoting beer, come say hi! If not, you guys can always follow my Instagram @miss.mackin. Thank you guys.


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