Guy Creates Poster Made Of 900 Slang Terms For Vagina

Any interior decorator worth their weight in salt will tell you that every room needs a focal point. It’s the place where your eyes first come to rest when entering a room – making it one of the most important features of a well decorated home.

Graphic designer Amarpal Dhillon is on a mission to make pussy the focal point of millions of homes and possibly yours!

The graphic design consists of 790 slang terms for vagina, 71 slang terms for pubic hair, 25 slang terms for labia, and 14 slang terms for clitoris.

To accomplish this goal, Dhillon spent over 300 hours designing and creating a massive print poster made up entirely of 900 slang words for vagina. When asked ‘why vagina?’ in an interview with Brobible, Dhillon simply responded, “because everyone loves pussy.”

The poster is a mixture of elegant design and vulgar language.

To maintain continuity throughout the piece, Dhillon mainly used 17 font variations within the Archer font family along with around 18 additional fonts peppered here and there to give it some character.


What’s interesting is that this work of art looks so innocent and neutral that I can picture it on the walls of just about any home no matter the decor. Of course, under closer inspection, your guests might do a quick double take, as Dhillon observed.

“Literally everyone who looked at it did a double take and immediately started to laugh. It’s like magic. When people see it, their mood improves, they light up and let their defenses down.”

Even the ladies love it…

“I’ve shown it to several women, and funny enough, I showed it to my current girlfriend on our second date. So far, they’ve all found it hilarious.”

If you’re interested in adorning your walls with some vagina slang artwork, you can support Dhillon’s Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Watch the clip below and tell us if you find this artwork vulgar or in good taste.


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