Hot Mom Wins 6th Annual International Breast Model Contest In China


For the past 6 years, China has hosted the annual International Chest Model Contest to determine who has the world’s best breasts. This year, the final round of the competition was held on July 16 in the city of Hefei in Anhui province.

Buxom beauties from all over the globe went through multiple outfit changes in rounds such as “China Style,” “Modern Fashion,” and “Concept Underwear.” In the end, a hot mom of a 2-year-old won the crown.

Looks like this mom was the BREAST one…



Some netizens felt the contest was a bit lame, especially for a “breast competition.” One disappointed web user commented:

“I didn’t see a single breast, I call bullshit.”

Personally, a little more skin wouldn’t have hurt. But you be the judge. Check out some photos of the competition and the winners below.

china-international-breast-contest-hot-mom-9 china-international-breast-contest-hot-mom-7 china-international-breast-contest-hot-mom-4china-international-breast-contest-hot-mom-5


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