How To Pose To Look Like You’re Naked [Video]

At Foxy Asia Magazine, we live-stream a number of Japanese and Korean TV shows throughout the day. Our favorites to watch are variety shows where you’ll catch a number of celebrities acting goofy or an array of stand-up comedians.

Comics in Japan will stop at nothing to get a laugh.

One comedian, Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura, is known around Japan for appearing onstage in nothing but a skimpy thong while performing a series of hilarious “magical poses” that make him look like he’s totally nude.

Yasumura teaches you how to pose to look like you’re naked.

Yasumura’s routine is so hilarious, he created several new videos where he shares his secrets to posing “naked” so you can try them when you’re home alone or better yet, the next time you’re drunk at a dinner party.

Watch Yasumura’s funny “Don’t worry, I’m wearing” video below.

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