Instagram Mourns Passing Of Import Model Morning Star

@mismorningstar x @wickedneesh

Rest easy.

Instagram was quick to mourn the sudden loss of Vietnamese and Native American model Morning Star.

Marie Madore, Frank Zhen, Janis True, Jessica Weaver, and many more expressed their condolences and disbelief after the news broke last week.

Read some of their heart-felt posts below.


Marie Madore


Jenna Lane

I love this photo of us even more now since it was taken from your camera. This was back in 2014 in Houston when we were vibing at club Throne and smoking hookah while drinking just having a heart to heart convo. We had so much in common, our age, nationality (part viet), our past career (hair and makeup and attending).. I’ll always remember our little heart to heart convo. My heart goes out to your boyfriend, your family and close friends in Canada. You’ll forever be remembered and you hold a special place in my heart @mismorningstar rest in paradise babygirl and I’ll constantly post your modeling photos here and there to relive your passion which was modeling in which you were so great at it! You’ll never be forgotten “buddy” ❤️❤️❤️ #RIPMorningStar #MorningMeetoos

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Adam Hyatt

We lost another wonderful and super sweet person today. One I gladly was able to call a friend. We’ve known each other for around 7 years and I was lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time with her. Whether we were at an event or just hanging out afterwards or happened to be in the same town, we always seemed to make time for each other. I have so many memories or her and I. She was a sweetheart and a goofball and I am so very sad to wake up to this news. I still find photos of her I didn’t even know she took on my phone when we were together. I just can’t believe this is happening again to such a young friend. ??? you will forever be remembered and we all miss you. My condolences and best wishes go out to her family and if you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to ask. #ripmorning #rip #morningstar #mismorningstar #morningmeetoos #angel #gonebutneverforgotten #passed #missyou #missyoualready #sweetheart #friends #lost #love #thoughts #thoughtsandprayers

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Jeri Lee


Martian Pictures


Janis True


Rhoscoe Coquia


Big Abe



Amanda Joy


William Byrd


Remy Ciao


Sneaker Pop Up


Rachel G


Leo Trajano

A few years ago I shot with this beautiful lady. She was very kind and had a great energetic personality. Easily one of the easiest people to work with. About a year before I shot with her, I remember seeing her back at my first car show/event. She walked around and handed everyone her business card with a smile since she was from Canada and was trying to make her mark here in LA. I saw her hustle and I saw her grow. I still don’t believe this is true and I’m still in shock, but rest in peace Morning. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but finding out by reading many “rest in peace” comments and posts just feels so unreal. My condolences to her family ? – Morning Star // @mismorningstar Photo by: @leotrajanophoto

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Melia Vixen


Gahh Models

Hearts out to all the friends family and fans of @mismorningstar RIP

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Lovey Yumiguchi


Fame Grayson


Jennifer Tran

@mismorningstar ??☁️⭐️ Rest In Peace to someone who took the time to see good in every person . I don’t know what happened , but I only hope that you will be able to shine your light down on us . You were always down to make the best of any day and night . Never turned down opportunity to be around new /old friends . You made people come together . It is really crazy to hear about this today . Waking up to see this loss. I just want to say thank you for who you were on the earth . You made me feel comfortable in the darkest places . You told me things out of the kindness of your heart . You believed that I could make it in anything I want and I won’t forget that conversation in the bathroom of Light night club haha we partied hard and promised only to live life the way god intended us to . You brought beauty and genuine heart ? and that’s hard to find in this world today .

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BLKLotus Productions


Jessica Weaver


Kuya Apparel & Lifestyle


Steph Mi

Rest In Peace @mismorningstar I know heaven is a beautiful place because they’ve got you.

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Tricia – SPOCOM


Frank Zhen

If you would like to help with the funeral costs for Morning, you can contribute to her Go Fund Me page HERE.

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