Janine Tugonon Is Victoria’s Secret’s First Full-Blooded Filipina Model


Former Miss Universe-Philippines 2012 Janine Tugonon is making history as Victoria’s Secret’s first full-blooded Filipino model!

Victoria’s Secret is one of the sexiest brands in the world and has helped launched the careers of supermodels like Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

So when Janine Tugonon became the first full-blooded Filipina model to represent Victoria’s Secret, her future began to look very bright. The former beauty queen stars in Victoria’s Secret’s latest PINK commercial titled “That College Life,” which gives advice to college students.

Janine Tugonon (left) stars in a VS Pink commercial

So far there have only been a few Asian women who have modeled for the insanely popular women’s brand, including Sui He, Shu Pei, and Liu Wen from China, and Ujjwala Raut from India.

Janine is no stranger to the limelight. She was Miss Philippines 2012, and was first runner-up in the Miss Universe competition that year, losing out only to Miss USA Olivia Culpo.


Now, Janine is living in New York and pursuing a full-time modeling career. She’s done quite a number of editorials and ads since moving to NYC in 2013, the most notable ones being Wells Fargo, WalMart, and of course Victoria’s Secret.

Janine’s Instagram is all kinds of perfect. We can’t get enough of her cinnamon skin, slender body, and sultry eyes.

i see you.

A photo posted by Janine Mari Tugonon (@tugononjanine) on

? @christopher.night Styled by @style.me.steph hair by @getyohairdid

A photo posted by Janine Mari Tugonon (@tugononjanine) on

Photo by @fevmo MUA @tomyrivero_ Assisted by @allieandairwaves #model #hollywood #la #trevorboydphotography

A photo posted by Janine Mari Tugonon (@tugononjanine) on

▼ This is proof that Janine can actually make anything look good, even creepy old man reading glasses.

I like this. ?

A photo posted by Janine Mari Tugonon (@tugononjanine) on

But we think her best feature is her smile. Looks like she’s ready to take on the world.

hiking hair ✌?️? @babdelphoto

A photo posted by Janine Mari Tugonon (@tugononjanine) on

Although casting hasn’t been revealed, there’s a possibility that Janine will walk the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Walking the VSFS is a step to becoming a full-fledged ‘Angel.’ Keep it up, Janine!

Now check out Janine’s Victoria’s Secret spot below. Betcha wish you were still in college.

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