Kaila Wulff’s ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Is Better Than The Movie


She’s a little tied up at the moment.

If, by chance, you are into that kinky bondage type stuff, you might really enjoy Kaila Wulff‘s sexy S&M themed spread. Shot by photographer TTB Photography, the Asian model is stripped down and tied up in ways that would even leave Christian Grey red in the face. I don’t know for certain if that’s her thing or not, or if it was just the theme for the photo shoot, but I can guarantee there are plenty of people out there who will appreciate this.

In our candid interview, TTB Photography provides astounding insight into the fascinating, surprising, and misunderstood world of BDSM. Who knew ropes could look so good?

Photographer: TTB Photography – @ttb_photography



First of all, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Louie and I am a Dominant and Photographer for TTB Photography. TTB is an acronym for TIESthatBIND. TTB was born November 2011 after finishing a shoot with BDSM & tattoo model Krissy Kage.


You’re obviously a very talented photographer, but how exactly did you get into fetish photography and when did it happen?

Thank you for that amazing compliment! I like to say other kink photographers got me into doing what I do now, and the reason I say that is because I never thought other photographers were capturing the real essence of BDSM. When I look at an image, I need to feel something. I need that image to speak to me. I felt like I could do better and showcase rope bondage in a more glamorous, tasteful way, but still keep it raw and real. I want my viewers to see exactly what I see, and I want them to feel what my subject is going through, which is why I incorporate a real “hands on” approach, something most photographers don’t do. My sessions provide a real experience, capturing real emotions between a Dominant and his submissive and it’s beautiful.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

For our readers at home, rope bondage (shibari) is the art of tying a subject to not only immobilize them, but to do so elegantly and beautifully. Where did you learn this art form and was it difficult for you to master?

Well, I’m far from mastering it haha. I’m always learning and trying to find new ways to stay creative and different. When I first started out, I worked with two very big players at the time, Master Liam Lockran and Krissy Kage. They really helped me develop my skill as a Dominant and taught me how to safely tie, as well as teaching me a lot about myself.

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A BDSM photo shoot requires a high level of trust between the photographer and the client. How do you establish that trust to ensure the success of the shoot?

Yes, trust is huge! I like to think that my reputation and credibility as an artist helps establish that trust at the beginning. I think open communication leading up to the session also helps. Knowing exactly what either person expects from the other. Looking through my page and seeing that TTB is a family oriented brand and I maintain on-going relationships with all my models. I don’t just work with anybody, I’m very selective and have a lot of repeat clients. By looking on our pages, and reading comments, etc., you can visually see the trust and respect we all have for each other, my models appear to be happy and well despite being placed in extremely vulnerable positions lol. I think working with popular and well respected models also helps. For example, people see that I work with Olivia Black, then I must be okay right? Haha. But it’s really hard to say exactly, I can speculate all day, but I do think those things help.

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Where did you draw inspiration for this set and what vibe were you going for?

There wasn’t anything that I drew inspiration from. Kaila wanted to be in my rope and I told her I had a new rope concept I wanted to try, so we met up at this dingy motel lol and I freestyle tied her in a hip-harness. Everything after that was just spontaneous and in the moment.


Did anything in this shoot not go as planned? How do you deal with these types of situations in general?

Honestly, most of my shoots are not planned. I feel like I thrive as an artist when I can improvise with whatever I have to work with at the time. The ones that are planned, never turn out the way we envisioned or we face unforeseen obstacles and end up having to improvise anyways. The shoots that aren’t planned and are done on the fly are usually the best ones!

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<
>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

What did you like the most about working with Kaila?

I loved working with her, and not for the reasons you’d think. Kaila was one of the hardest persons to read and it drove me nuts!! Mostly because I pride myself on being able to read people and the way their bodies respond to me, and with her, I was completely blind. There were moments when I didn’t know if she was having a good time or not. Or if she wanted something, or didn’t. So yeah, very frustrating for a Dominant like myself lol.


Do you have any memories from this shoot that stick out to you in particular?

Hahaha yes! We were watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air while I was tying the rope harness on her.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<
>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

How do you decide whether a shot will be a good photo? What do you look for?

When I’m shooting, I’m looking to draw the viewer into seeing what I see. So when I see something that catches my attention, that’s when I snap the shot. I want the viewer to feel as if they are right there with me, looking at my subject the way I look at them.


Before we let you go, any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

Just a huge thank you to all my loyal fans and followers. I try to respond to every single comment, DM, email, whatever. I will never be that person who will take this or all of you for granted. I’m so lucky to be able to share my vision with you all. Thank you for all these amazing years and memories and hope for many more to come!!


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