Kanna Hashimoto Does Over 600 Takes To Perform “Stupid-Cool” Tricks For Noodle Commercial

Have you ever seen someone do something that looks like a stupid idea at first, but then they end up looking like a total stud because they managed to pull it of?  Like that kid who set the record with an insane 415-foot basketball shot off of the Australian Gordon Dam seen HERE. The Japanese use the word Bakakkoii – direct translation “stupid cool” – to describe these acts of near impossibility.

The adorable Kanna Hashimoto, idol singer of pop group Rev. from DVL, stars in the latest commercial for Nissan Cup Noodle Soup which is riddled with impressive examples of bakakkoii. The most impressive trick was when she flips 3 forks into 3 separate Cup Noodles and confetti rains down as everyone celebrates.

We fell in love with Kanna after watching this commercial. You can almost feel her pain and eventual triumph during the outtakes which in our opinion is way more entertaining than the commercial itself.

Watch the full clip here. Keep in mind it took her over 600 takes to get these tricks right!

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