Kathy Nam Looks Sexy As Hell In Her Birthday Suit


We don’t need any specific reasons to highlight how stunning Korean hottie Kathy Nam is, but this time around we’ve decided to give a special birthday shout out to the Asian bombshell.

Kathy turns 23 years old today, and what better way is there to celebrate the joyous occasion than with some really beautiful birthday suit filled pictures?! We’ve previously introduced the stunning model as one of the beautiful Nam sisters to follow on Instagram, and we also featured her famous backside in our booty gallery.

Foxy Asia Magazine recently caught up with Kathy to find out how she plans to celebrate her 23 gorgeous years on earth, the best birthday present she’s ever received, and what she’ll be wishing for when she blows out her candles this year. Listen up:

Photography by Baariks Gallery – @baariksgallery



Hey Kathy, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Everything’s amazing! I’m super excited for my birthday…

So, what are your plans for your big day?

Ummm I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing for my birthday…I think I wanna keep it super low key and maybe have a cute dinner with my girls and then hit up D&Bs and get super wasted off tequila haha. I’m just preparing myself to get shots poured down my throat…wish me luck.


If you can invite any one person in the world to be at your birthday party, who would it be and why?

Hmm…I think I would invite my parents to my birthday. This is going to be my first birthday without my parents since I moved out of Oregon to Southern California. I have a feeling it’s going to feel bittersweet just because I know I’ll have fun but I’ll miss my parents and they’re getting so much older now!


What’s the best birthday present you ever received?

I guess…life? I don’t think I have ever gotten a true sentimental gift to even remember on the spot…so I’ll go ahead and say the best gift I have ever gotten is 23 blessed years of living…with amazing people who love and care about me. Hahaha…I’m getting all sappy…I’m going to have to call my parents after this.


What’s the craziest birthday party you ever had?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a crazy birthday party…haha I’m more so into having super quiet dinners with my family and friends…I’m probably going to be one of those annoying people this year and go all out by saying it’s my birthday week…haha time to whip out that 1942!


Does your zodiac sign (Leo) accurately describe your personality?

Ummm I think being a Sagittarius baby definitely reflects my personality accurately. I’m a commitment-phobe and honestly it’s very difficult for me to become emotionally attached or involved with someone haha. I’m also pretty adventurous and spontaneous…haha I’m usually down to try anything or even do something crazy if I’m bored.


If you can have one birthday wish, what would it be?

MONEY!!!! Hahaha! If I could have a birthday wish it would probably be to go on a shopping spree for a day (I won’t be greedy!) and be able to buy WHATEVER the hell I want…without using my own credit card or money. Hahaha so who’s treating this year? Just kidding…or am I?


Happy birthday Kathy, wishing you many happy years to come! Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

Thank you! I live in LA…and I club more than I should…so if you ever see me out, don’t be afraid to say hi! Haha I don’t bite…


One of the best ways to get to know Kathy is by following her on Instagram. From sexy photo shoot outtakes to goofy selfies, this is a FOX definitely worth following.

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