Korean Girl Group ICIA Performance Too Sexy For Public [Video]


Kpop biz is booming. Tickets can easily fetch anywhere from $50 to over $1,000 a seat! Luckily, many groups occasionally hold public performances for fans to watch for free.

These public performances are usually held in popular areas and attract large crowds of adoring fans and folks from around the area. But while these showcases are usually welcomed by the public, Korean Girl Group ICIA is under fire for one of their more sexually charged shows. After watching their performance, some complained that their outfits were too revealing and dance moves too suggestive for a public performance where individuals of all ages can be found.

ICIA isn’t the only dance group under scrutiny for over the top sexy dance moves. It certainly seems to us like the sex factor has been ramping up of late but we’re not complaining.

Watch the performance and judge for yourself. Is it ‘too sexy’ for public performance or are people making a big deal out of nothing?

Want more ICIA? Here’s the official music video. Enjoy!

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