Korean Girl’s Simple Hack To Increase Breast Size Dramatically

It’s no secret, Koreans love their plastic surgery. Chances of you running into someone who’s had a little nip and tuck are fairly high in South Korea, with 1 in 5 women undergoing some sort of procedure according to Jezebel.

And with plastic surgery being so common and affordable in Korea, it’s no surprise many women have gone under the knife to give their boobs an extra boost.

One Korean woman recently revealed her shockingly simple secret to enhance the size of her chest without undergoing any surgical procedures.

The series of photos below is her step by step process of using 3 padded bras to make her breasts appear several sizes larger than they really are. It’s a sneaky, yet simple, little trick to help give women the look they really want.

Ladies, let us know if this clever hack works for you so we can write a follow up piece on how effective this trick actually is. Contact us HERE.


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