Korean Makeup Artist Transforms Into Taylor Swift [Video]

Before contouring became #CONTOURING, it was just some little-known technique makeup artists performed on models before photo shoots. But the more I surf through endless selfies on Instagram, the more I’m convinced that most girls under the age of 30 are masters of the technique.

Just when I think we’ve reached peak contouring, South Korean beauty blogger Park Hye Min, also known as PONY Makeup, has viewers wondering “What sorcery is this?” as she uses 24 cosmetic products and mad contouring skills to transform herself into pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…

This ridiculously complicated process cannot be easily reproduced by just any amateur makeup artist. You need skills son. Unsurprisingly, her transformation video has amassed over 7.7 million views from fans in just the last 2 months!

Check out Pony’s impressive video below and let us know if you think she looks like the real T-Swizzle at first glance.

You got to admit, she’s practically the spitting image of Taylor Swift.


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