Kristyana Truong Is Sweet As Candy


If you need to have some random fun in your life, candy-coated Asian model Kristyana Truong is the woman to do it with. She enjoys blowing bubble gum, licking lollipops, flying around with an umbrella like Mary freakin’ Poppins, and yeah, she does it all with barely anything on.

Wearing a white crop top and jeans, Kristyana’s candy eating session takes a stimulating turn for the erotic. Before long, the clothes come off and she’s in nothing but a pair of lace panties. Forget the lollipop and bubble gum, because the sweetest thing in the room is her.

Ace Anderson took the reins on the photography once again for this week’s Foxy Feature. This time, he’s sweetened the deal with a set that’s guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Take it away Ace.

Photography by Ace Anderson – @aceshotthat




What kind of camera equipment and lighting setup did you use to create these shots?

For this shoot I used my Canon 6D and single 500 Watt Everlight. That’s what I use to light most of my photos.

kreepyana-aceshotthat-6 kreepyana-aceshotthat-7 kreepyana-aceshotthat-8 kreepyana-aceshotthat-9


What did you like the most about working with Kristyana?

Kristyana is one of the most hilarious people that I know. She’s super free and you can tell she loves life…or hates it and just has a really good sense of humor about everything. But that type of personality is so great to work with. It keeps the shoot fun and excited and we forget that we’re working so that’s when we get the best material.

kreepyana-aceshotthat-1 kreepyana-aceshotthat-2 kreepyana-aceshotthat-3

What’s the significance of the stripes found at the bottom right corner of all your photos?

To me stripes represent honor and dedication to what you do (Earning your stripes). That’s exactly why I mark stripes in my work. My Graphic Design/Photography company is called The Striped Heart ( The heart represents passion for art and the stripes represent the work you put into it. You’ll see the ’30 degree’ stripes present in everything me or my team works on. It’s a subliminal shout out to our mission to keep spreading art throughout the world.



kreepyana-aceshotthat-13 kreepyana-aceshotthat-14 kreepyana-aceshotthat-16 kreepyana-aceshotthat-17

Any final words you’d like to say to your fans and followers? Anyone in particular you’d like to send a shout out to?

I’d like to tell everyone: if you aren’t happy, quit everything you’re doing and do what makes you happy. Follow your passion and the money will follow. You’ll never be happy if you don’t follow your heart. I would rather live in a cardboard box and be happy than make millions and hate my life and the people in it. And if you’re truly passionate you won’t be in that cardboard box for long. List of people who were broke before their big break: Jim Carrey, Drew Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Swank, Tyler Perry…and more! We look at these other people WHEN they are successful but we never think about what it took to get there.

And I’d like to give a shout out to my love and my best friend Lily Saito, Ballerina / Singer / Artist Extraordinaire!

▼ Here’s a bonus behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, if you are into sexy things like that (which of course you are).


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Still not enough? We had a feeling this would happen. Head over to Instagram to see way more of Kristyana and amazing work by Ace.

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