This Lingerie-Wearing Drummer Is Stealing Hearts All Over Korea

The Internet is falling in love with another Korean girl group member, but not for her singing or dancing.

A young drummer named A-yeon has become a viral sensation for her drumming skills, good looks, and incredibly revealing outfits. Her popularity sky-rocketed after her original spin on the popular Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” went viral on YouTube, gaining over 1.3 million views since February.

Watch the original video below:

A-yeon’s popularity helps Bebop.

Despite appearing solo above, A-yeon is a member of the band Bebop, which has greatly benefited from her cover going viral. The band consists of guitarist Ju-woo, bassist Ji-in, and of course drummer A-yeon, with all three members sharing mic duty. Unsurprisingly, A-yeon appears to be the fan favorite of the group, as many of the fancam recordings uploaded to social media sites seem to be focused completely on her.

Haters gonna hate.

Some netizens have commented that A-yeon should focus more on drumming, rather than showing off her assets like she does in the original video. Thankfully, A-yeon has stayed true to herself, and has since uploaded a number of covers on her YouTube channel, including Royal Blood’s “Figure It Out” and a rock version of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, all the while wearing her signature sexy getups.

And while her drumming performances have been garnering all the attention lately, A-yeon has actually done a lot of modeling as well.

Peep some of her sexy pictorials below:

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