Lola Chan Accidentally Loses Her Bikini Bottom


If you ever wanted to see Lola Chan’s sweet, sweet, naked behind, today is your lucky day!

Based on Lola Chan‘s last trip to the beach, it’s clear she really knows how to have a good time. All the Asian model needs is a revealing bikini, the ocean and some warm sand. Well, she might not need the bikini, considering a strong wave sweeps off her bikini bottom anyway. Oops!

Lola refused to let the bikini malfunction ruin the vibe and continued to shoot bare-ass because A.) what can you do?, and B.) she has a nice tuckus.

Like all accidents, these things just happen from time to time. Luckily, photographer West Coast Photography returns to Foxy Asia Magazine to share the exact moments Lola’s bikini comes untied and gets swept away—never to be seen again.

Photographer: West Coast Photography – @westcoastphoto1



Welcome back to Foxy Asia Magazine! How’s everything going?

Thank you for having me back! Everything is on point.


>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Obviously, you and Lola have been busy. Can you tell us how you scout out locations for public shoots?

For every shoot whether it’s indoors or out, I look for multilayered backdrops so I can get multiple looks and styles with the same outfit on. If I’m shooting indoors I prefer a house or condo as opposed to shooting in studio. Multiple looks all in one spot is the idea.



For racy shoots like this one, how do you deal with potential onlookers? Any horror stories?

By being nice & polite as long as they’re not so close! If I’m rude & tell ‘em to beat it…they might rat us out and Baywatch may not take too kindly to a naked girl with curves posing seductively on a public beach. If they get close and become obvious with their gawking I’ll tell them to give us some room (in a NY accent) Hey! We’re workin’ over here. Lol

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<


What kind of camera and equipment did you use to achieve the look of this set?

I shot with several Nikon cameras set to raw format. I shot with a flash attached to the camera at times, a mini soft box to tone down the flash. There were certain areas under the Santa Monica pier that were dark, other areas needed just natural light. The tide was coming in fast so we were running around moving with every other shot.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<


Do you have any memories from this shoot that stick out to you in particular?

Yes! Lola was posing with her bikini bottom loose to get a sultry look for that pose. The tide came by and took her bikini bottom so we just kept shooting as if nothing happened, that wasn’t planned, as you can see that booty was not to be denied.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<
>>Click photo for uncensored version<<
>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

How do you decide whether a shot will be a good photo? What do you look for?

Without sounding arrogant! Every shot I take is a good shot…what I mean is if I see something wrong like a smile looking not genuine, a pose that doesn’t connect or a hair out of place, I will tell the model to fix it or change it before I fire away…I don’t like to waste shots, I’m never a random shooter. I look for perfect looks that can be used for publication & the model’s portfolio. I know some photographers like to shoot a thousand shots and when done they say “I’m sure we got some good ones out of that.” Hell no…I don’t roll like that.

Throughout the shoot I’m constantly showing the model the series of images we just shot so that they can let me know if they wanna shoot more poses from that look. They may see something I may have missed or try to improve the shots.

>>Click photo for uncensored version<<
>>Click photo for uncensored version<<

Do you have any upcoming shoots/projects that you want to tell us about?

Yes! But I never speak about shoots until they are completed. I once promised a magazine a set with a specific model for an upcoming issue, that shoot was postponed for a while when the model broke her ankle. From that point on I thought it’d be wise to complete the job before I speak about particulars.

That being said! A hot one coming soon with a talented young beautiful singer that will be sure to get your attention.

Keep checking my Instagram for that upcoming set: @westcoastphoto1.


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