Meet Moon Maison: L.A.’s Sexiest Life Coach


Namaste, y’all.

The idea of meditation seems simple: sit still, focus on breath, and reflect. But the practice of meditating is a lot harder than it looks. Every time I do it, my mind wanders and before I know it, I’m not meditating so much as letting my brain run around like a kid who’s eaten all of his Halloween candy in one sitting.

But don’t worry! Moon Maison is here to help.

The gorgeous Asian model who has blessed our Instagram feed with seriously provocative pics, is offering her services as a spiritual mentor and intuitive life coach. We dusted off our yoga mats and spent a day speaking with Moon about her new spiritual undertaking. Here is her story:


Party Girl

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word yoga?

Meditation? Flexibility? Chakras? Well, I’m pretty sure “let’s get wasted b*tches!” doesn’t fall onto that list.

In a previous incarnation, Moon Maison was a party-loving ‘It Girl’ before embarking on her spiritual journey at her first yoga-teacher training workshop in Miami about 3.5 years ago.


The Asian model reveals, “Once I started cutting back on my drinking and started taking more and more courses, I learned to purify my body and soul. I still want to have fun and do other stuff, but I needed a new path.”

Moon moved to Los Angeles a year ago, became a certified Reiki Healer and certified Yoga Instructor – or Yogi, as they are known – and has since continued her profound personal and spiritual evolution.


“I’ve been going to so many workshops and seminars and I’m currently enrolled in a 6 month program to become a certified Intuitive Healer at the Den Meditation Center.”


The birthplace of yoga and the spiritual home of the world’s most famous meditation traditions, India has become a popular travel destination for American tourists seeking serenity and spiritual growth.

Earlier this year, Moon embarked on an extended meditation retreat to India where she visited a number of temples, internationally known “Guru’s” and ashrams.


“Most of the spiritual teachings that I’ve learned are derived from India and I met with a bunch of spiritual teachers,” Moon shares her experience.

“Going to India took me back to a place where I’ve already been…and meeting all these spiritual teachers made me realize I can do this also. It gave me a push in a weird way to dedicate my life to something like this.”

Life Coach / Spiritual Teacher

“All these workshops, seminars and books I’ve read have allowed me to develop many techniques for meditation and manifesting desires,” Moon says proudly.


The sexy new life coach recently launched a temporary website which outlines her list of services ranging from 1 to 3 hour in-person spiritual consultations either at your home or hers. For those of you who are not conveniently located in the greater Los Angeles area, Moon also offers phone and Skype sessions.

“I’ll start first by guiding people on how to search deep within themselves to find their true intentions, what they really want, so they can manifest their goals and desires. The whole process can take a while because I have to make sure they are clear about their intentions and it’s the right ones for them,” Moon passionately describes her services.


“Afterwards, I’ll also teach them a couple of meditation techniques and then I’ll give them their spiritual practices that they will do twice a day. [These practices] involve the energetic system, meditation, mantras…they involve everything that has worked for me.”

“If they do this every day for 1 to 2 weeks, they’ll start to see their life change,” Moon says confidently.

Pretty Girl Problems

While it might be hard to take an Asian model seriously as a life coach, Moon explains that anyone who goes to the extent of becoming a certified teacher does it because they are deeply committed to self-growth.


Moon admits, “I think being pretty puts me at a disadvantage because I give off a young vibe, but when I get into the teacher vibe, I do switch it up. My meditation voice is a little different. My energy is more grounded.”


“I know it’s kind of a weird crossover and no one knows how to react to it. Modeling to me is more of a creative outlet, but the person who I am and what I want to do with my life is work in a field of spiritual mentoring and wellness.”


To learn more about Moon’s life coach services and to book your appointment, head over to

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