Napping In China Is Hardcore [12 Pics]

So I learned a few new things on my last trip to China: 1) China love them some noodles; 2) Ain’t no seats on toilets in China (learned that the hard way folks); 3) and China don’t f@ck around when it comes to napping! Today, we’ll focus on just the latter of the three – NAPPING!

So what are Chinese afternoon naps? And why do they take that sh!t so seriously?

Chinese afternoon naps are a reflection of Chinese lifestyle. During the afternoon hours, business in China shuts down around 11:00 or 11:30 and picks back up at about 1:30 or 2. People use this time to eat lunch, take naps, or simply unwind from the workday bullsh!t – something we can all relate to. Amirite?

During this time, it’s not uncommon to see taxi drivers catching some ZZZ’s in their cabs; shopkeepers dozing off behind the counter; and construction workers playing Chinese card games or taking naps on bamboo mats. Even kids come home from school to chill and grab a bite to eat before going back to hit the books. So think twice if you decide to call or visit someone in China during this time. Odds are, they’re sleeping, and it’s considered a dick move to disturb someone during sacred nap time.

Everything in China shuts down in the afternoon. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Personally, I’m amazed by how Chinese people manage to squeeze naps into their daily schedule, no matter how crammed it is. I find it comforting to see how an industrious country of this size prioritizes balance, inner peace, and plain ol’ rest.

On that note, my eyes are burning from staring at this computer screen for the last 14 hours researching and writing. I could use a ‘lil nappy nap myself. But before I go, enjoy these snaps of these hardcore naps.

chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-1 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-1=8 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-2 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-3 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-4 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-5 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-6 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-7 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-9 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-10 chinese-afternoon-naps-in-china-12

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