Nicole Nam Gets Messy With Milk In Sexy New Shoot


I know milk does a body good, but damn girl, how much have you been drinking?

I hope you’re not lactose intolerant. If you are, then you may just want to suck it up for a minute. Milk strengthens bones (you’ll know what I mean here in a minute), but Asian model Nicole Nam has given us another reason to appreciate our favorite source of vitamin D. Unfortunately she had a little mishap and “accidentally” poured the entire bottle of milk all over herself. Oops!

Don’t hold that against her, though. When she isn’t failing at drinking milk, Nicole is actually pretty good at this whole modeling thing. Just take a look at her messy and not-so-messy photos below in this week’s Model Interview.

Photographer: Frank Zhen – @zhenmaster



Hey Nicole, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Hi guys!

We were hoping you could start off with telling us a little bit about yourself. What is your ethnicity and where do you live?

I’m Thai! Born and raised in Bangkok up until I was 18 then I moved to the States for college. I’m currently living in LA.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

After I got my Bachelor’s in Virginia, I just up and moved to LA and tried to figure shit out on my own with graduate school and work. That was pretty adventurous, I think.

Your body is absolutely insane, what feature do most people compliment you on? What would you say is your best physical attribute?

Thank you! Definitely my butt gets me the most comments and questions… especially from girls, believe it or not. They’ll ask me if it’s real (it is, I promise!) and ask what exercises I recommend. But my best physical attribute I definitely think are my dimples.


As a personal trainer, what workout do you see most people doing wrong?

Squats are definitely one of those moves that seem easy but are super technical, and can really fuck up your knees if you’re doing them wrong. Deadlifts, don’t even get me started on those. I see a lot of crazy shit happening at the gym… people swinging their weights all crazy and using momentum to lift weights. A lot of the mistakes and injuries come from not using enough control.

What is your “guilty pleasure” food that you’re too embarrassed to admit?

I have so many and NONE that I am embarrassed about lol. My sweet tooth is ridiculous so I never not want cake. Preferably red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Almost every day I’ll have a moment where I’m like “I need cake right now or I’ll die”… I gotta fight the urge daily.

You’re obviously a very beautiful woman, but how exactly did you get into modeling and when did it happen?

What’s weird is I never really consider myself a model. Recently I’ve been shooting more frequently, and it all started with my trying to get more content to post so I could promote personal training. Some of the pictures gained traction and it kind of snowballed into scheduling more shoots and collaborating with more photographers.


What do you like the most about being a model? What do you like the least?

I love that most times, people underestimate models’ intellectual capacities just based off the mere fact that they model. I love to prove them wrong. What I like the least would be having to shoot in swimwear or lingerie when you’re not feeling your best that day… like if your body is not looking completely right or you’re in a funk but you still gotta turn the sexy on.

What goes through your mind as you’re posing for a shoot? 

Usually it’s a lot of hair flipping and booty-popping and seductive looks going through my mind, but sometimes I’ll think about what I want to eat after (LOL) or if my song comes on, a bitch is gonna sing (or rap… especially a Nicki or Cardi B verse).

Would you ever do a nude shoot?

Honestly, not in the foreseeable future but… never say never.

What is the wildest behind-the-scenes story you can share with us from on set?

I did a group shoot with some other girls a while ago. It was at a pool, and this old lady mid-shoot just got up and started yelling at us, accusing us of stealing some kid’s pool floaty or something. Whole time that was our shoot prop, we were letting the kid play with it. The kid didn’t even know her! They weren’t family, she wasn’t their babysitter… nothing. She just wanted some attention I think, lol by trying to kick us out.

I have no choice but to be nosey and ask you some dating questions. What qualities do you look for in a man? Describe your perfect guy.

I love someone who is a strong leader and I let the man be the man, but I have to be able to see qualities in you that would let me trust you to lead me. Consistency, honesty and attentiveness all are super important to me. And good conversation is so important.

Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?


Give me your best pickup line?

Oh man… I don’t know if there’s such a thing as “best” pickup line. No one’s ever used them on me and experienced any success. But I will say I’ll hear this one the most… “EXCUSE ME! You dropped something” and I go “What?” (now I’m looking through my purse like a madwoman, btw) and they go “my heart.” Like… you just had me go through chaos, I’m not talking to you after that.


What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

Luckily I’ve never been on a truly terrible date like that. But I’ve been on dates before where the dude would NOT get off his phone. That was annoying.

Fill in the blank: It’s ok to get intimate on the _________ date.

I don’t think there’s a rule to that… it’s ok when you guys get to that level, whatever # of dates that may be.

According to a recent survey, nearly 25 percent of gym-goers have had sex at their place of fitness. What’s your take on this?

Never had personal experience but I believe it for sure lol, I’ve heard some wild stories before! They’re killing two birds with one stone… they worked out and then they WORKED out… and I’ve always been a fan of efficiency.


Well Nicole, thank you so much. Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

They can follow my Instagram, Twitter and Snap – all are @ilovenicolenam. I update all three pretty frequently and I try to be as interactive as possible.


You can learn more about your favorite Asian models in our Model Interviews series. We have lots more to come in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

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