Pearl Xu Goes From Zero To Sexy In Seconds


On your mark, get sexy, GO!

Asian model Pearl Xu isn’t shy when it comes to her love for cars, so she wasn’t afraid to show off her obsession for them in this week’s Model Interview. Shot by photographer Jeff Fernandez, Pearl proves she has dangerous curves for days—at least enough to rival a Nissan NISMO.

Read our exclusive interview with Pearl to find out how she entered the modeling world, if she’s into bad boys or nice guys, and what her dream car is.

Photographer: Jeff Fernandez – @yojefff



Hey Pearl, welcome to Foxy Asia Magazine. How’s everything going?

Warmest of greetings! Everything is swell.

We were hoping you could start off with telling us a little bit about yourself. What is your ethnicity and where do you live?

My name is Pearl Xu, and I’m from Beijing. I currently live in Northern California.


What do you do to pay the bills? What is your job?

Whatever I can. Let it be emotional currency, or a minimum wage job tutoring at Kumon.


What is your dream car?

Fantasy? McLaren F1

Realistically? White golf GTI

Describe yourself in 3 words or statements.

I’m awesome hehe.


Now, can you tell us how you got into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do? 

One fateful day a good friend of mine, Allen Chen and his partner John Tieng @Axjmindset asked me to be a model of a project they were doing a lighting experiment on. That was my first shoot, and it was truly a great experience. When the pictures turned out just as great, it gave me the confidence to move forward.


What do you find as most challenging in being a model?

Camera shyness!


What goes through your mind as you’re posing for a shoot? 

Do I have enough aesthetically placed triangles in my arms and legs? Am I doing a good Marilyn Monroe smile? Haha.


Would you ever do a nude shoot?

Implied, if for a good cause or statement of art that feels compelling. But never fully nude.

What about your style do you believe makes you most distinctive?

I hope it’s not just because I’m aZn……..


Are you single or taken? If taken, how did you meet?

Taken, I’m with Jesus Christ. We met during my alleged creation.


Bad boys or nice guys?

I am not Santa, so I have something for bad boys too.

Were you ever caught doing something naughty?

Of course. Haven’t you?


What’s the easiest way for a man to turn you on?

I am already on! Alive! There is no need for extra and cumbersome work from you nice young gentlemen, thank you tehe.


Well Pearl, thank you so much. Before we let you go, can you tell our readers where they can find you if they’d like to learn more?

It was truly my pleasure. Thank you, for this cool opportunity! We can penpal via email.


You can learn more about your favorite Asian models in our Model Interviews series. We have lots more to come in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

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