Pokemon Go Leads To Robbery And Dead Body


Only a few days after its release on July 7, Pokemon Go has already become a viral phenomenon. It’s currently both the top-downloaded free app and the top grossing app in both the Apple and Android stores, and is also on pace to surpass Twitter in daily active users.

For those of you that don’t know how this game works, it uses augmented reality to place imaginary creatures and items in real locations, allowing smartphone users to track and catch Pokemon in real life, like a fantasy version of Google Maps.


The popularity of Pokemon Go has led to some interesting scenarios.

Boon Sheridan in Massachusetts found out that his home was marked as a “gym” for the game – a place where players can train their Pokemon. This led to dozens of people and a constant flow of cars coming to his house.

Then, in Missouri, armed robbers used Pokemon Go to lure victims into secluded areas where they could be easily robbed, according to Sgt Bill Stringer of the O’Fallon police department.

And finally, in Wyoming, 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins spotted a dead body floating in the water near her home along the Big Wind River while searching for a water Pokemon. “The death appears to be accidental in nature,” said Undersheriff Ryan Lee of Fremont County sheriff’s office. But Shayla is not letting the scary incident deter her. “I might go get a water Pokemon,” she told CNN. “I’m going to try.”

If you’ve decided to give Pokemon Go a try yourself, remember to be safe and smart when playing the game. One thing that’s not smart? Lurking around a police station in the dark, even if it is a Pokestop (a place where players can retrieve helpful items like potions). Cops hate that – so much so Duvall PD in Washington posted a warning on their official Facebook page seen below:

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